Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 14: Happiness Power

It is festival time in the fourteenth episode of Healin’ Good PreCure, and naturally Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata are enjoying it in each other’s company.

Hinata, Chiyu & Nodoka

Hinata, Chiyu and Nodoka on a festival date together

This episode starts with Nodoka and her parents paying a quick visit to the doctor, where it is revealed that it is like Nodoka has never been ill. After that, Nodoka gets to enjoy the Sukoyaka festival, where she is soon accompanied by Chiyu and Hinata. The three have fun, though they do need to do their duty as PreCure when the enemy shows up.

Hinata hugs Nodoka

Nodoka tells the others about the good news from her doctor

This is a fun episode, simply because most of it is about Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata having fun themselves. They are such a great trio, and episodes like this one only further affirm my thoughts on that.
We also get to see the community spirit of Sukoyaka as well. Naturally, Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata get involved with that as well.


Nodoka and company enjoy everything the festival has to offer

I’ve mentioned this before, but I do really enjoy these slice of life segments of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure. Of course, it is par for the course for an enemy to come along and interrupt them, leading us into the PreCure section of the episode.

Monster of the Week

Batetemoda creates this Mega Byo-gen

Batetemoda is the antagonist for this episode, and his whole sucking up to Guaiwaru is only an act. Anyways, he has the Mega Byo-gen infect the area, and Nodoka and the others do their thing as PreCure.

Grace kicks Batetemoda

This amused me

Fontaine, Grace and Sparkle

Fontaine, Grace and Sparkle defend the festival

As usual, PreCure fight the monster of the week. This battle marks Cure Sparkle’s first use of the Lightning Bottle that they acquired previously, which is key to bringing the fight to an end. Of course, Batetemoda doesn’t stick around after that.
The element they saved has something quite interesting to tell them afterwards.

Predecessor Cure

The current Cures’ predecessor

Back in the early days of Sukoyaka, there was another Cure. This Cure watched over the land, the people and the animals. She also happened to be the partner of Teatine, Latte’s mother.
With that, pieces are falling into place for the present team to gain one more member. I’m not sure how she’ll fit into the fantastic NodoChiyuHina dynamic, though.

Competition Winners

Nodoka and company enjoy their spoils from a competition

After learning about their predecessor, the girls have one final bit of business to take care of. Pay attention when Nodoka is up at the microphone; when she hits her head, the mic disappears for a frame.  Yeah, that’s nitpicking and it doesn’t change the fact that this episode was a great one.

NodoChiyuHina’s happiness is infectious. Seeing those three girls feel good makes me feel good, and that’s all I really want for them. A fantastic episode.

Next time, Nodoka and Rabirin get into a fight.

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