Thoughts on A Witch’s Printing Office Volume 3

Mika and the staff of Protagonist Press are just as busy as ever in the third volume of A Witch’s Printing Office, which means plenty of trouble for Mika to get involved in – whether she wants to or not.
This volume of the manga contains chapters thirteen through to eighteen.

A Witch's Printing Office Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of A Witch’s Printing Office, prominently featuring Kiriko and Lio

Mika’s massively popular magic-focused event “Magiket” has grown again, continuing to bring her spells and mages from around the world – and also boatloads of work… But despite her Market’s ever-increasing reach, a surprise encounter comes from outside Mika’s purview! The last thing she expected was to meet another Japanese visitor – could this transplant also be seeking a way home?

It was hinted at in the end of the previous volume, and in this one Mika meets someone else who was whisked into this world, away from Japan. Do they try and figure out how they ended up in the new world, and how to get back? Not really, no – instead, the two manage to find new business opportunities for their respective workplaces.
The meeting between Mika and Yamamoto only came about as a coincidence, since using shipping magic to transport some books went a little bit awry. That leads Mika into Melonz, an endless labyrinth. Seems unfortunate at first, but ultimately does lead to some good.

Besides getting lost in an endless maze with Kiriko, Mika also has to contend with being whisked away to a village in need of saving, being possessed by a powerful mage and a direct visit to the Suei Faction. There is a lot on Mika’s plate, and that doesn’t include the books that Protagonist Press are supposed to produce.

Of course, Mika pretty much just bumbles her way through all these troubles, as ever. It is just as entertaining as ever to see these events unfold with Mika at the centre of them. Whilst they do tend to get resolved, it rarely feels like that is due to Mika’s actions. If anything, her actions are more indirect when it comes to solving the challenges she faces. Still, that does make A Witch’s Printing Office really quite entertaining to read.

The various side characters that Mika encounters in this volume are all a lot of fun. Of particular note are Tui and Dr. Lyfe, who very much embody the whole “never judging a book by its cover” thing. Got to feel a little sorry for poor Behji with all that, but I don’t see why he couldn’t make things work out.

A Witch’s Printing Office continues to be as entertaining as ever, and definitely an easy recommendation from me for anyone who is looking for a fantasy manga series to get into.

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