Thoughts on New Game! Volume 9

The ninth volume of Shotaro Tokuno’s New Game! manga splits its attention between two different game companies: Eagle Jump and Blue Rose. Eagle Jump are hard at work in Japan on their next project. Over in France, the focus at Blue Rose is on the two newest additions to their team: Kou and Hotaru.

New Game! Volume 9

Front cover of the ninth volume of New Game!, featuring Aoba Suzukaze and Hotaru Hoshikawa

Development of Eagle Jump’s next title, DDB – or Destruction Dodgeball – is well underway, with the characters having to get used to different roles.
Meanwhile, both Kou and Hotaru are working at Blue Rose in France to push themselves further as artists.

This volume bounces back and forth between the two game companies. Things seem to be a bit easier at Blue Rose, though. Perhaps that is due to the particular focus on Kou and Hotaru, rather than whatever project they are working on.
It is all go at Eagle Jump, though. Their next title, Destruction Dodgeball – or DDB for short – has a deadline set, and it draws ever closer.
Various members of the team are keen to prove themselves whilst working on the project; perhaps none more so than Momo and Hajime.
Hajime discovers that she will upset people in her current role, and has to learn to put up with that. She’s a nice person at heart, but sometimes tough decisions have to be made.
As for Momo, she is determined to win Aoba’s approval, especially after what they went through previously. Those two are still pushing each other, and any animosity has long since been left behind.

Aoba herself has come on leaps and bounds since joining Eagle Jump, and that shows itself in this volume. It is also clear that Kou has had quite the influence on her, but perhaps that isn’t always for the best…

When it comes to the development of DDB, there are so many hurdles for the staff of Eagle Jump to clear – and it seems that new ones are added just as the deadline approaches. Despite that, we still get plenty of light-hearted moments.
Towards the beginning of this volume, Rin calls Kou’s phone and Hotaru answers; safe to say Rin is not happy about an unfamiliar voice answering Kou’s phone. Fortunately, Aoba and Nene are on hand to minimise the damage done – with a little help from Hotaru herself.

This volume covers up to the end of DDB‘s development cycle, and reveals what is to come next. It is a game that both Kou and Aoba have a strong connection with.

New Game! is still an entertaining read, and having characters in different roles allows them to struggle and grow from overcoming the obstacles in front of them. Whilst it can have a comedic tone at time, New Game! does also show how things can get pretty difficult for game developers.
It may have got rough for the team at Eagle Jump, but they have gained valuable experience. Things look set to get even more interesting with their next project.

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