Thoughts on A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Volume 3

Konatsu has wanted to ask Koyuki a certain question for a while now, and the summer festival that takes place in the third volume provides just the opportunity to do so. Turns out she is expecting a certain answer, though.
This volume full of festivals, as we also have sports and culture on top of the aforementioned summer one. This volume of A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow contains chapters (or “Tanks”) nine through to twelve.

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, featuring Konatsu Amano

Koyuki and Konatsu, each lonely in her own way, are the only two members of the Nanahama High School Aquarium Club. As they spend time together, they discover that they are increasingly drawn to each other. When they go to the town summer festival together, Konatsu is finally able to ask why Koyuki spoke to her that first day at the aquarium open house. But Koyuki doesn’t have an easy answer, and her stumbling reply makes the mood uncomfortable. Will this new awkwardness force a distance between them?

If there is one thing that this volume of A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow establishes, it is that both Koyuki and Konatsu haven’t quite got there when it comes to communicating with each other.
Fortunately, that doesn’t cause a massive gulf to open up between them or anything. Koyuki’s answer to Konatsu’s question is not what Konatsu hopes for, but it is established that is a result of Konatsu suddenly being put on the spot.

There is no room for doubt about Konatsu and Koyuki’s attraction towards each other here. That question and answer ultimately ends up being a small stumble; the two still seem very good for each other.

Besides their relationship, we also see Konatsu fitting in with her class. It is most likely due to Koyuki’s influence, but it is nice to see her making new friends. Even if said new friends have opinions on Koyuki that aren’t quite right. Got to hand it to Konatsu, though; she does actually say something, though she needs to gather some courage first.

Then comes the festival prep, and Konatsu is determined to get ready for the aquarium club’s show on her own. That leaves Koyuki worrying. It’s that kind of situation where it looks like two characters are becoming more distant on the surface, but take a deeper look and their actions actually deepen their bonds. Presumably that is how things will turn out.
A misfortune decides to strike on the day of the culture festival, but that is for volume four.

I enjoyed this volume of A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow. It probably helps that things that could have really been played for drama were just ultimately small things. Also, Koyuki was a lot of fun in this volume, particularly after a certain dream leaves her out of sorts for a while.
Konatsu and Koyuki’s relationship continues to develop, although it does so at a steady pace. Still, getting to this point has been fun, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds in store for both girls.

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