Thoughts on If I Could Reach You Volume 4

Uta’s mother returns to Japan in the fourth volume of If I Could Reach You. That is not happy news for Uta, though. Besides that, things don’t seem to be going too smoothly for Chloe and Miyabi, and Konatsu shares a story of her past.
This volume contains chapters sixteen through to twenty.

If I Could Reach You Volume 4

Front cover of the fourth volume of If I Could Reach You, featuring Uta

Ever since Uta opened up to her during their getaway, Kaoru finds it more and more difficult to face her. Knowing full well why Kaoru’s been evasive, Uta finds ways to keep busy at school, at work, and with her friends. But before Kaoru can figure out how to move forward, Uta and Reiichi’s mother returns to Japan – and soon, Uta might be whisked away for good.

So, certain things are now out in the open as of this volume of If I Could Reach You, and yet neither Uta nor Kaoru seems to know what they should do. So what follows is both of them doing their best to just avoid each other.
Still, life goes on for the people around them. Miyabi becomes concerned when she picks ups a change in Chloe’s behaviour, and Chloe isn’t exactly the best at expressing herself in the first place.
Fortunately, both Chloe and Miyabi have people to support them – even if one of them is Konatsu, who tends to give off a care free vibe. Well, usually.

Here, Konatsu divulges a little bit of her past to Uta, and also passes on some sound advice to Chloe when she needs it. I suspect that Konatsu’s advice also gives Uta the push she needs to finally do something about her situation with Kaoru.

Unfortunately for Uta, she may only have a limited time for that, as the arrival of her mother means that she could end up moving away. Uta’s mother seems to be the type that cares very little about what her daughter thinks. She has decided that Uta will start living with her, and apparently Uta gets very little say in that situation.
Admittedly she does tell Uta to prove herself, but I don’t know how sincere her words actually are.

Once again, If I Could Reach You has reeled me in with the story in its fourth volume, and I am keen to see just where it all ends up. Giving Chloe and Miyabi some time in the spotlight is also nice, even if they do have to go through some drama. Konatsu has a pretty interesting past, too.
Seems like a few characters will have some pretty rough roads ahead of them, and I guess that is what keeps me coming back to tMnR’s work.

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