Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 12

The threat of the Tempest looms ever closer in the twelfth volume of Magical Girl Site as the Magical Girls fight to overcome the cursed site.
This volume of the manga contains chapters eighty-seven through to ninety-six.

Magical Girl Site 12

Front cover of the twelfth volume of Magical Girl Site, featuring Aya Asagiri and Tsuyuno Yatsumura

The Magical Girls are rising up! Drive by Aya’s determination, they are fighting hard to escape the curse of Magical Girl SITE – but will that be enough to save them from their terrible fate?

Lots of action in this volume of Magical Girl Site, as the Magical Girls take on the Site Managers. Also, apparently we’re not quite done with flashbacks just yet, though the focus this time is generally on Aya and her allies rather than Kayo and Sakaki.
The Aya we see at this point in the story is quite a contrast to her self at the beginning. She has far more determination and confidence to back it up, though getting to that point was not easy.
That’s not the only thing that has been a major change since the beginning of the story, and it is quite interesting to see how her dynamic with certain other characters has really changed over the course of the story.

We also see a pretty major case of infighting in this volume, though not amongst the Magical Girls. Although admittedly, the Magical Girls have had their fair share of betrayals up to this point, and not everyone has been able to live through it all.

It is not just the Magical Girls who are under threat, but their families too. This includes the Asagiris, and as it turns out, Kaname Asagiri might have just inherited his awfulness from his father. There are things that nobody should have to see in this volume, but that seems to be about par for the course for Kentaro Sato.

After so long spent with Kayo and Sakaki, it feels so good to be back with Aya and her allies. Regardless, much of the stuff that arose from Kayo and Sakaki’s tale is playing a major role in the story at present. I wasn’t keen on the shift to those two Magical Girls at first, but at least we are getting a pay off from it.

The twelfth volume of Magical Girl Site felt was a compelling read. We have Aya and her allies fighting desperately, the infighting of a different faction, and hints dropped about the managers.
With this, it feels like Magical Girl Site is right back on course after a lengthy detour. We did see the beginnings of that with the previous volume, and this one just kept it up.

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