Thoughts on Bloom into You Volume 7

Bloom into You volume seven is the penultimate entry of Nio Nakatani’s Bloom into You series. The characters have been constantly growing and changing since the first volume, and now some see fit to actually take action.
The story steadily moves towards the conclusion with this volume that contains chapters thirty-five through to thirty-nine as well as an interlude. As ever, the English release is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Bloom into You Volume 7

Front cover of the seventh volume of Bloom into You, featuring Yuu Koito

Touko has finally started to move forward on her own two feet. Is there still a place for Yuu by her side? Or is it time for them to part ways?

A short yet simple synopsis, which doesn’t give away too much. I can appreciate that. Anyways, in this volume, we see the results of the changes certain characters have gone through previously in the story.
One decides it is finally time to take action, another appears to just give up and one more realises something important. I won’t go into the specifics of who is doing what, since that would be giving things away.

What I will say is that Nakatani Nio’s compelling story telling continues with this volume of Bloom into You. This world she has created pulls you in, and makes you want to know how each character’s story unfolds.
Of course, Sayaka is just as important to the story as Yuu and Touko. The light novels focusing on her are a pretty big giveaway, but even in the manga we get to see certain events from her perspective.
It will be interesting to see how the Regarding Saeki Sayaka novels approach these certain events, if they do. Will it be a word-for-word retelling, or will we get details that just weren’t present in the manga version?

Of course, the focus here is the actual Bloom into You manga; focusing on the Regarding Saeki Sayaka light novels will have to come at another time.

Naturally, Yuu, Touko and Sayaka get most of the attention, but there are other characters who appear as well. We have Midori and Manaka, two classmates of Touko and Sayaka. There’s some subtle hints about something going on between them.
I’m still convinced Maki plays the role of audience surrogate: he enjoys watching other peoples’ love lives unfold. That was established early on in the series, and that aspect of him hasn’t changed. After all, why are we, the readers, invested in Bloom into You, if we aren’t interested in seeing how things go between Touko and Yuu?

We also have an appearance from Riko and Miyako; the interlude in this volume focuses on the pair, and shows us how they first started dating. In the present day of the story, Miyako might be the catalyst that spurs a certain someone into action.

Nakatani Nio’s Bloom into You only has one more volume of manga after this point, but I feel pretty confident in stating that it is a modern yuri classic. Of course, the way the story ends could change my outlook. However, I feel pretty confident in saying that the story will end in a satisfying way – Nio Nakatani has kept us hooked through seventh volumes, so I don’t doubt the eighth and final one will be any different.

Volume seven is another wonderful entry of Bloom into You, which really takes a look at how each of its central characters have changed since the beginning of the story. Utterly superb stuff.

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