Thoughts on A Witch’s Printing Office Volume 2

The second volume of Mochinchi and Yasuhiro Miyama’s A Witch’s Printing Office brings back to the fantasy world where Mika continues to try and find a way back to her own world by holding the Magic Market event.
News of Magic Market has spread far and wide, leading to some very unlikely attendees. There’s also the small matter of gathering materials, and maybe, just maybe, taking a day off as well.
This second volume contains chapters seven through to twelve.

A Witch's Printing Office Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of A Witch’s Printing Office, prominently featuring Claire

Dragons, typhoons, and demon lords, oh my!
The popularity of Magic Market has boomed beyond expectation – in fact, it’s such a hit, news has reached even the highest echelon of the underworld. As the Holy Land teems with all manner of human and monster, will Mika be able to keep order and find a way back home, or will chaos ultimately reign under the arrival of the Demon Lord?!

This volume starts with sheltered rich girl Aile Tennos the Eighth running away from her home, stumbling upon Mika and the other employees of Protagonist Press as they make a delivery to the Holy Land.
Aile – who goes by the name Telepo Tokiouto – quickly hits it off with Mika, and then she gets to be immersed in the world of Magic Market. Her horizons are expanded beyond anything she expects, particularly as the books sold at Magic Market are no longer just limited to magic tomes.

The attention turns back towards Protagonist Press and Mika in particular after that, as they happen to acquire a new paper cutter, and attempt to collect red dragon hide directly from the source. What tend to be pretty typical events for a fantasy RPG play out in much more entertaining ways as Mika approaches them. Mika isn’t exactly brimming with magical power – she’s no RPG protagonist, so she isn’t exactly slaying a dragon or pulling a legendary sword out of a stone. Somehow, though, she does manage to overcome such obstacles, and in brilliantly entertaining ways, too.

Magic Market’s reputation continues to grow, perhaps no more so then when word of the Demon Lord participating gets out. Again, Mika’s approach to that whole situation provides some funny stuff, especially whilst everyone else has the more typical reaction to that news.
If its not Demon Lords that are threatening Magic Market, it is the weather itself. A typhoon threatens to postpone or even cancel the event. This brings all those participating in the event together, though Mika happens to be entrusted with a duty that could end disastrously, Against her will, but everyone wants Magic Market to go ahead regardless.

Mika and her employees have been through a lot, so the break they get in this volume of the manga is extremely well deserved. Bit of a shame we only focus on Mika’s free time, as I would love to see what the likes of Claire and Kiriko get up to when they have time on their hands.
Still, that chapter is a lot of fun.

The same can be said about A Witch’s Printing Office as a whole. Mika’s efforts to keep Magic Market going as well as keeping Protagonist Press busy are just thoroughly entertaining to read. I’d love to see A Witch’s Printing Office get an anime adaptation sometime in the future – it is definitely worthy of one.
For now, though, the manga is the only way to experience it, and it is something that I wholeheartedly recommend picking up.

This volume also ends on a note of intrigue, suggesting that Mika might not have been the only one whisked into the fantasy world. That’s certainly got me eager for more.

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