Thoughts on Still Sick Volume 2

We return to Akashi’s Still Sick manga series with its second volume, in which Makoto and Akane grow closer, and then further apart, and then closer again. Yeah, it might be best to say that it gets a bit complicated for the two office ladies.
This second volume, the English release of which is licensed by TOKYOPOP, contains chapters eight through to fourteen, plus a bonus chapter.

Still Sick Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Still Sick, featuring Akane Maekawa & Makoto Shimizu

After finding out that her coworker Akane used to be a manga creator, Makoto encourages her new friend to recapture that dream. As an amateur comic artist herself, Makoto looks up to Akane and tries to help her overcome the difficulties that made her give up that profession in the past. Although Akane is often her own worst critic, Makoto inspires her to try reshaping her attitude toward her art.
But matters become more complicated when Makoto realises that, somewhere along the way, what started out as a professional friendship over a common interest had developed into… a serious crush!

In this volume of Still Sick, Makoto is determined to support Akane as she returns to creating manga. However, that desire to support Akane grows into something more as time passes, and a lot of time is spent with Makoto struggling with how she should handle those emotions that are welling up inside her.

That actually seems to be the main theme of this volume, as Akane finds herself unable to concentrate on her manuscript. She places the blame squarely on Makoto for that, though she gives off mixed messages about the whole thing.
On top of dealing with her emotions, Makoto also has to try and get a handle on what Akane wants from her as well.

Their colleagues are keenly aware of just how close the two ladies are, yet that is something that they don’t seem to really realise themselves. Akane even goes through a stage of pushing Makoto away. That becomes a little harder to do when a company retreat comes up.

Makoto does have a talk with one of her other colleagues about her situation, which might just be the very thing she needs to get her thoughts in order. That leads to Akane deciding that she and Makoto need to have a serious conversation.

As for the topic of that conversation… well, that is something that will be revealed in volume three.

Still Sick offers some pretty compelling events in its second volume, with both Makoto and Akane trying to come to terms with the relationship that they have with each other. Both are concerned about possible changes that could arise if they try to move forward, since they seem to have a pretty good thing going between them at the moment.

Of course, I imagine less would change than they might fear, but again, that’s probably something that volume three will touch on.

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