Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 11: Healing Oasis

Cure Grace, Cure Fontaine and Cure Sparkle have some unfinished business to attend to in episode eleven of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, but the passage of time has only resulted in their opponents growing even more formidable.

Cure Fontaine, Cure Grace & Cure Sparkle

Fontaine, Grace and Sparkle leap into battle

In this episode, two Megabyogens are still running rampant. Whilst PreCure are able to defeat one with relative ease, the third opponent turns out to be much stronger than they anticipated. The girls start to doubt that they can even take out the monster, but Nodoka’s resolve remains firm, and the Elements are there to lend their support.

Fontaine, Grace and Sparkle

PreCure ready to finish off Megabyogen #2

The fight against Shindoine’s Megabyogen is almost a non-event. It seems that is increase in power is pretty negligible when facing the combined might of Grace, Fontaine and Sparkle, so that fight is over very close to the beginning of the episode. It is a very different story for Daruizen’s Megabyogen, though.

Monster of the Week

The most powerful Megabyogen the Cures have faced, so far

Whilst Shindoine’s Megabyogen done a pretty poor job of showcasing how the monster grows stronger over time, Daruizen’s Megabyogen goes in the opposite direction. It is unlike anything PreCure have encountered before. Their first attempt to fight the monster really does not end well.

Megabyogen seed

An interesting development

The Megabyogen also happens to spit out a seed, which creeps off to do its own thing. There’s another scene with the seed right at the end of this episode, and I suspect this might lead to a major story development later on.

Pegitan, Chiyu, Nodoka, Rabirin, Nyatoran, Hinata & Latte

Doubt begins to set in

In case there was any doubt about it before, Nodoka very much proves her worth as lead Cure in this episode. Chiyu, Hinata and the fairies are about ready to give in; they know that when they go back to face the Megabyogen, it will be even stronger. However, Nodoka remains determined to fight, and even rallies her friends to get back up.
It is such a great moment for Nodoka, and it all stems from her being hospitalised when she was younger. She was told to keep fighting, and now she’s telling her friends the same thing.

Cure Grace

Cure Grace keeps getting back up

Out of all the Megabyogen fights we’d had so far, this one might just be the best. It is a brutal fight for PreCure, as they keep getting slammed into the ground. But they keep getting back up, and that determination should be admired. They do get in one or two good hits against the the Megabyogen, too.
Of course, anyone who knows PreCure will tell you that the struggles like these lead to the development of the girls’ powers, and this time around is no exception.

Fontaine Grace and Sparkle

Another fight comes to an end

It was going to happen sooner or later, and here it is: Grace, Fontaine and Sparkle finally have their joint finishing move: PreCure Healing Oasis. Something they only achieved with the support of the Elements wanting them to save the Flower Element, but now I guess it is theirs to use as they please from this point forward.

Things wrap up from there, though this episode ends on kind of a dark note.

Excellent episode, though. PreCure powered up, and Nodoka demonstrated her abilities as a leader. Seems this show does both the slice of life and PreCure aspects equally well, and that just makes it a joy to watch.
Things look to become even more interesting with what happened in the last scene of this episode, too.

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