Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 9: Angel Photo

The ninth episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure is one that focuses on Hinata, as she wants to do something a little special for Nodoka’s sake.

Chiyu, Hinata and Nodoka

Hinata has taken to posting cat videos on the internet thanks to Nyatoran

When Chiyu and Hinata visit Nodoka’s place, Hinata notices that Nodoka has no recent photos of herself. Hinata decides to take Chiyu and Nodoka to a photo event, where they try on all sorts of cute accessories and dresses. Right up until a Megabyogen shows up, of course.

Nodoka, Rabirin, Hinata, Pegitan & Chiyu

Hinata is enthusiastic about the event

This is a Hinata episode, and sure enough, she shines brightly here. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and all of her interactions with both Nodoka and Chiyu are absolutely wonderful.

Nodoka & Hinata

Hinata offers some advice about creating accessories

Those bead making things are a common occurrence throughout the PreCure franchise, though I think this might be the first time they don’t hold any mystical power. Well, it doesn’t particularly matter. What does matter in this episode is Hinata, and her interactions with her friends.

Hinata & Chiyu

Hinata is really great in this episode

These slice of life sections of the show that just focus on Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata hanging out and enjoying each others’ company have been excellent. Admittedly episode 7 was something of an outlier, but I’d say episodes 8 and 9 have brought us back on track very nicely.

Exhausted Nodoka

Nodoka still doesn’t have the best constitution

Nodoka being somewhat frail is still a thing. I imagine it will take some time before she is able to handle large crowds, but her exhaustion in this episode does play well into Hinata’s development. Also, pay attention to Rabirin when Chiyu is fanning Nodoka.
That aside, Hinata shows she is very much aware of her flaws and is deeply apologetic for not noticing Nodoka. Nodoka has something she wants to say to that, but the plot arrives to interrupt.

Monster of the Week

As far as Megabyogen go, this one is a real gem

I praised the slice of life segment of this episode, but the PreCure part is no slouch, either.

Cure Sparkle

Cure Sparkle goes solo

Hinata’s tendency to just dive headfirst into things comes out here, too, as she is determined to protect the photo event. Cure Sparkle fights on her own for a bit, though she soon realises she just done the same thing as earlier when she is in a pinch.

Sparkle & Grace

Cure Grace is able to finish what she was saying earlier

Of course, Cure Grace and Cure Fontaine soon join Sparkle, and they knock the Megabyogen down long enough for the three to have a touching exchange. Cure Grace finishes what she was trying to say earlier, which leaves Cure Sparkle all flustered.

Grace, Fontaine & Sparkle

Fontaine leads the counterattack with the Ice Element

In one of the previous episodes, Cure Grace used the Harvest Element to attack, but it wasn’t entirely clear how it differed from a normal attack. Here, Cure Fontaine uses the Ice Element, and it does exactly what one might expect. The battle concludes shortly thereafter, allowing Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata to get back to what they were doing.

Chiyu, Nodoka, Latte & Hinata

I love how awkward Chiyu looks here

Can’t help but feel Nodoka saying that they look like princesses is a subtle shout out to Go! Princess PreCure, which also started with a team of a pink Cure, blue Cure and yellow Cure.

Embarrassed Hinata

More flustered Hinata

Yet another phenomenal episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, and a reminder that its main cast are incredibly strong. Of course, this was Hinata’s episode, and she was brilliant here.
Even Nodoka and Chiyu had their moments, too. Last week, I would have said that Chiyu was easily my favourite Cure. Now, I’m starting to think that all three of them are equally amazing, and choosing just one favourite isn’t fair to the others. Also, this is the second episode in a row that ends with Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata hugging each other.

Next time, PreCure are protecting art.

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