Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 8: Sea and Sky

The eighth episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure is one that focuses on Chiyu as she has an athletic meet coming up. She has performed impressively at the high jump up until now, but she suddenly finds herself in a slump.


Chiyu ready for her morning run

In this episode, Chiyu is practicing for an upcoming athletic tournament. She seems to be set to perform well in the high jump, but then she suddenly finds herself making mistakes. This only leads her into a downward spiral, but Pegitan and both Nodoka and Hinata are there to support her.

Chiyu High Jump

Chiyu clears the bar

This episode focuses on Chiyu, but also puts a lot of importance on the relationship she shares with Nodoka and Hinata. Nodoka asking Hinata if they could stay a little longer to watch Chiyu was a nice moment.

Chiyu, Hinata and Nodoka running

Hinata and Nodoka join Chiyu for her early morning run

At the beginning of this episode, it is established that Nodoka goes out running daily. What surprises me is that she didn’t try to join Chiyu before this point. I don’t know, maybe she did, but she just couldn’t keep up…
Anyways, both Nodoka and Hinata get to learn a little more about how Chiyu got into high jumping, and Chiyu gets to show her appreciation for Nodoka and Hinata being there for her.

Failed Jump

Not looking good for Chiyu’s high jump

I happened to learn something new watching this episode of Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure, and that is the term “the yips”. I’d never come across it before, though perhaps that is because I’m not exactly a sporty type, and I don’t follow many sports.
Apparently Chiyu has come down with a case of the yips, though, in which an athlete fails and becomes aware of a slump and just can’t escape it.

Nodoka and Hinata

Can’t believe that Pegitan would have such lewd – nope, can’t do it. I think the “hand holding is lewd” joke is passé.

Nodoka and Hinata sewing

Never mind Pegitan’s imagination, here’s what Nodoka and Hinata are actually doing

Here’s another part where the relationship between Chiyu and Nodoka and Hinata is important to the episode. Pegitan may panic, but Nodoka and Hinata have said what they wanted to say to Chiyu, and decided to support her with everything they’ve got. After all…

Chiyu's smile

Nodoka and Hinata can’t say no to Chiyu’s smile

Monster of the Week

Here’s this week’s Megabyogen

Of course, the PreCure section of this episode takes place at the tournament, which I guess ends up being cancelled – almost everyone makes a run for it, after all. Of course, three girls happen to stay behind.

Cure Sparkle & Cure Grace

Sparkle and Grace distract their foe so Fontaine can attack

It is a relatively short fight, but I thought it looked pretty neat. Also it tied into Chiyu’s story for this episode, as the only way to attack it was from above – though jumping high is a natural ability every Cure possesses anyway… Well, whatever, it may be just what she needed to get her head back in the game.
Not that there’s much of the tournament left after the attack, but Chiyu does what she needs to do.

This episode was fantastic, and my appreciation for Chiyu is only growing. I also absolutely adore the relationship between our three main characters, so any episode where that ties into helping one of them overcome their struggles is going to hold a lot of appeal for me.
Definitely a massive step up from the previous episode.

Next time is a Hinata episode. Looking forward to that.

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