BanG Dream! 3rd Season Episodes 10 & 11: One Who Conceals Her Emotions and Desires

As the end of the season bares down on us, it is time for some drama in BanG Dream!. This time around, RAISE A SUILEN are providing it. LOCK has only joined the band relatively recently, but it might not last much longer the way things are looking…


Not even exams can keep Ako from being Ako

We kick off with episode 10, in which the future of RAISE A SUILEN looks uncertain. LOCK is convinced that MASKING is going to quit, and it seems LAYER has to give some thoughts about what being in RAS actually means. However, they do get some help to overcome these obstacles.


Kasumi is able to give LOCK some advice

LOCK and LAYER happen to be pretty close to Kasumi and Tae respectively, and we all know that PoPiPa has had their fair share of drama (even more so if you take into account events from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!).

Rokka visits Masuki at school

Rokka visiting Masuki’s school is hilarious

So apparently, MASKING – or I guess that should be Masuki Satou – attends a school that is straight out of a Class S yuri. It is quite the contrast with how she is perceived; she is known as the “Mad Dog”, after all.
Also, I don’t know if it had been mentioned before, but MASKING’s bike is called Death Galaxy.



This episode, and the one that follows, are pretty much focusing on the members of RAS working through the problems they are currently going through. For this episode in particular, we have a greater focus on MASKING, LAYER and LOCK. We’ll get to CHU2 and PAREO, don’t worry about that.


Tae chats to LAYER

Plenty of drama for RAISE A SUILEN to go through in this episode, and it something that even Poppin’ Party pick up on. We get a rare moment where it seems that Kasumi and Tae are more in the know than the other three, too.


CHU2 isn’t doing so well

This episode gives a look at CHU2’s mother, as well as why CHU2 is so keen for RAISE A SUILEN to be the absolute best. It seems to have arisen from an inferiority complex, and RAISE A SUILEN is CHU2’s way to earn some recognition.

Young CHU2

Young CHU2 – sorry, Chiyu Takamade

Reflected LAYER

LAYER makes a drastic decision for the sake of RAISE A SUILEN

RAISE A SUILEN experienced some difficult times in this episode, and the members realise they have to change to work things out. Even CHU2 comes to this realisation, but there is one member who is still distancing herself: PAREO.
That is the focus of the next episode.


MASKING’s search for PAREO doesn’t go well

In episode 11, LOCK and MASKING travel to Kamogawa to search for PAREO. Things don’t seem to be going so well until they encounter a girl named Reona Nyubara. Even then, it doesn’t seem likely that PAREO will be returning.

Reona Nyubara

Reona Nyubara

This episode is pretty much a PAREO episode. Until all the RAS drama kicked off, PAREO had always been at CHU2’s side. All that has been really revealed about her up to this point is her loyalty to CHU2, as well as that she is a PasuPare fangirl. Here, we get some more insight into the past of RAS’ Keyboardist.


The beginning of something special

We see how Reona came to be known as PAREO, as well as a glimpse of her life before she joined RAISE A SUILEN. She was not satisfied with who she was before, but then CHU2 allowed her to be exactly who she wanted. Just goes to show, uploading videos to the internet can provide results, even if you’re lucky to get 30 views.


LOCK & MASKING beg for PAREO to come back

I’m glad to see RAISE A SUILEN go through all this drama, because that is exactly how a band’s bond should grow – just ask PoPiPa, Roselia or any of the other bands. Also, it makes the pay off all worth it; especially with what this episode provides.


CHU2 apologises to PAREO

All it would take for CHU2 to take back what she said to PAREO previously is a single word, and that is exactly what she says (in English, too). PAREO’s full of apologies too, but that’s just who she is. I’m really quite happy to see the drama resolved in this way.

Number one in PAREO's heart

Also, the show goes full throttle on the CHU2 x PAREO

Of course, CHU2 could just apologise and the whole thing would be done, but that’s not the case. No, CHU2 actually gets to demonstrate some growth as a character after going through all this. RAISE A SUILEN are going to come out of this stronger than ever.


PAREO has a special gift for CHU2’s birthday

The RAISE A SUILEN drama wraps up in an extremely satisfying way, and on a special day no less. I absolutely adore BanG Dream!, and it is episodes exactly like these two that demonstrate just why.
But, there’s still a bit to go after all that drama with RAS.

Kasumi & Arisa

Even getting some Kasumi x Arisa in the episode

There is the small matter of the rankings for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge. That comes right at the end of the episode, so that’s for next time.

Two absolutely excellent episodes of BanG Dream! 3rd Season, and I’m glad we got both at the same time. They pair up together very nicely, and conclude RAISE A SUILEN’s drama in a fantastic manner.
CHU2 is definitely climbing up my list of favourite BanG Dream! characters, particularly with her development here. I just want to see her and PAREO be happy together, and for RAISE A SUILEN to thrive as a band.

According to HIDIVE’s schedule, the final two episodes of BanG Dream! 3rd Season air on April 7th. That means a three week wait before we see how this third season comes to an end. Regardless, I am very happy with how these two episodes turned out. Excellent stuff.

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