Thoughts on Cells at Work! Code Black Volume 3

Things got very dicey in the previous volume of Cells at Work! Code Black, and now in the third volume, things seem to start looking up. Well, right up until the cells suddenly find themselves in a different body…
This volume contains chapters eleven through to seventeen.Cells at Work! Code Black Volume 3CHANGING CAREERS
Having survived a heart attack, the body is starting to regain a bit of peace. The red blood cells are excited to finally be working in a non-exploitative environment, but one day, a mysterious tube punctures the blood vessel and sucks up every blood cell in sight! When the cells come to, they’re in a different body altogether – and the new offices might just be worse than the old ones…

Seems that the cells of Cells at Work! Code Black can’t ever catch a break. Even when things seem to be looking up, they find themselves unceremoniously injected into a completely new body – and one that is in poor condition.
The story effectively just resets back to where it was at the very beginning, so we get the cells dealing with some similar problems.
There are a few new complications thrown in for good measure, but ultimately this volume feels quite familiar.

Morale is low in the new body, but that is something red blood cells have experience with. The main red blood cell demonstrates just how much he has grown through overcoming various hardships, which provides a much needed boost.
A select few of the red blood cells in the new body don’t take kindly to outsiders, but that doesn’t deter the lead Red Blood Cell in the slightest.

We are also introduced to a new White Blood Cell – who gets called White Blood Cell Girl – in this volume, and her design is pretty cute. Definitely one of the nicer cells, though she shows no mercy to her enemies – as one might expect of any good white blood cell.

So it is back to disaster after disaster in the new body, though the male Red Blood Cell definitely earns some respect for not just giving up. After all, he has experienced some pretty dire moments and lived through them, so he takes action to prevent a repeat of the past.

Again, a lot of the stuff that happens in this volume seems like it could be shown in the main Cells at Work! manga, so the mature warning on the front cover seems a little pointless.
All Cells at Work! Code Black really is is a cynical take on Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work!, which far more pessimism. However, there is also hope sprinkled in there as well, so perhaps it is not entirely cynical. It is decent enough for what it is.

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