Thoughts on Bloom into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka Volume 1

When it comes to Bloom into You, one of the most fascinating characters is undoubtedly Sayaka Saeki. It seems that Hitoma Iruma agrees, as he has gifted the world with Bloom into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka series of light novels.
It is also worth noting that the illustrations for the light novel are provided by none other than Nio Nakatani. Anyone who knows their yuri manga will be aware that Nio Nakatani is the original author of Bloom into You, so clearly Hitoma Iruma must have done something right.
Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the light novel for an English release.

Bloom into You Regarding Saeki Sayaka Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of Bloom into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka

Saeki Sayaka has always been an old soul – serious and reserved, preferring to focus on her studies rather than make friends. Until, that is, a romantic confession from another girl in middle school turns her carefully ordered world upside down. Though none of her classes have prepared her for this, Saeki must now come to terms with her sexuality in this gentle, coming-of-age novel about grappling with first love, growing up, and relating to other people.

Whilst most other light novels I have read tend to be split into multiple chapters, Bloom into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka is something of an exception. I suppose you could say that this first volume focuses on two key chapters in Sayaka’s life.

This volume is all about Sayaka coming to terms with her sexuality, though her first experience with it might have been just a little too much for her young mind to process at the time.
It was a fateful encounter during her swimming lessons, but ultimately it was something that Sayaka ended up pushing out of her mind.

However, feelings from that encounter in the pool start to bubble to the surface again when she is in her second year at Tomosumi Girls’ Academy, and one of her upperclassman asks her out.
Such a simple thing leaves quite the impact on Sayaka’s life, leading to her changing from the serious and reserved girl she was before. It is quite the transformation she goes through.
Of course, anyone who has read the Bloom into You manga or watched the anime knows exactly what the ultimate outcome of that whole chapter of Sayaka’s life is. It is certainly an emotional event for Sayaka, but it does build her character.

This all leads to Sayaka meeting Touko for the first time, and accepting a very important aspect of herself. As far as final sentences go, the first volume of Bloom into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka ends on an extremely strong one.

Nio Nakatani’s art is as fantastic as ever. Illustrations may be few and far between, but they certainly capture some of the most important moments in Sayaka’s life. Just the fact that the original author of Bloom into You is willing to contribute illustrations is testament to the fantastic job Hitoma Iruma has done.

And a fantastic job it is indeed. The writing is compelling, and it is genuinely a joy getting to know more about Sayaka from before her high school years. Everything about this light novel fits in so perfectly with the world that Nio Nakatani originally created. For anyone seeking more from the world of Bloom into You, this light novel will easily provide what you need. Heck, anyone seeking a yuri light novel to read would do well to check this one out – no prior knowledge of Bloom into You is required.
To put it simply: Bloom into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka is utterly superb.

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