Thoughts on Futaribeya: A Room for Two Volume 6

Time continues to march on in the sixth volume of Yukiko’s Futaribeya: A Room for Two, with Sakurako and Kasumi starting their second year as university students.
This volume contains chapters 48.5 through to 54 (Part 1), as well as three special chapters and one bonus chapter.

Futaribeya A Room for Two Volume 6

Front cover of the sixth volume of Futaribeya: A Room for Two

Sakurako and Kasumi settle into their college life together, and as always, time flies by when they’re having fun! Already, they’re starting sophomore year along with their new friends Moka and Koruri, whose relationship has recently taken an exciting new turn. Meanwhile, it seems some of their younger friends from high school might benew faces at the same college very soon too!

In this volume, three couples get to shine pretty brightly. Naturally Sakurako and Kasumi is one of them, but we also get Moka and Koruri as well as Seri and Shouko. There are some really sweet moments between these three couples in this volume.
Moka and Koruri are in the early stages of a relationship, so Koruri is a little self-conscious about the whole thing.
Things are changing for Seri and Shouko, but some things do remain the same for them – and that might just be the best thing for the two of them.

Naturally, Sakurako and Kasumi steal the show. They are the main characters after all, so that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Their interactions with each other are just wonderful, and I feel like the level of yuri between the pair steadily increases with each and every volume of Futaribeya.
Sakurako and Kasumi have amazing chemistry together. Sakurako has no hesitations sharing her love for Kasumi with the world, but in this volume we do get to see Kasumi show some appreciating for Sakurako.

Besides the start of a new year, this volume also contains a milestone birthday for Sakurako; she turns twenty years old. That means she is legally allowed to drink – 20 is the legal drinking age in Japan. Sakurako’s birthday isn’t her first experience with alcohol, however, and the results are quite similar to what happened before.

Another highlight that comes towards the end of this volume is Sakurako and Kasumi paying a visit to a cat café. It’s a good chapter, and then Sakurako and Kasumi put on cat ears. Lots of boxes being ticked there for me.

Futaribeya: A Room for Two is still an extremely enjoyable read. Kasumi and Sakurako make for a great couple, though the others are certainly no slouches, either. Just an all round likeable cast of characters, with plenty of fun interactions and sweet moments.

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