Thoughts on Kase-san and Yamada Volume 1

Kase-san and Yamada Volume 1 is the sixth Book in Hiromi Takashima’s Kase-san and… manga series. From this Book forward, the series focuses on Kase and Yamada as they go about their lives in university.
This Book contains eight chapters.Kase-san and Yamada Volume 1Kase-san and Yamada go to college!
Yamada is in heaven at her school’s horticulture department, and Kase-san is training hard at the sports university. With classes and a long train ride to keep them apart, hanging out together is tough. Can they beat their busy schedules and find time for one another?

Kase and Yamada may be university students now, but the dynamic between the couple has not changed from their high school years. Everything that made the two girls such a compelling couple throughout the five previous Books is still present here, from their insecurities to their feelings for each other.

Of course, not everything can stay the same, though, and a couple of new characters are introduced. We have Hana Yoshimura, another student of the horticulture department at Yamada’s university.
Kase has a new roommate, who goes by the name of Kaori Fukami. Jealousy starts to bubble up within Yamada due to Fukami.

But, that is pretty much business as usual for Kase and Yamada. They may not see each other as much as they’d like, but their relationship is as strong as ever. Sure, Yamada lets her own imagination get the better of her sometime, but Kase always manages to appear before things can be taken too far.

An invitation to a town party has Yamada entering into a situation that is completely out of her depth, but we get to see Kase at what may be her smoothest to alleviate that entire situation.

Kase-san and Yamada Volume 1 is such a treat, and further proof that Hiromi Takashima’s manga is one of the greatest that the yuri genre has to offer.

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1 Response to Thoughts on Kase-san and Yamada Volume 1

  1. alsmangablog says:

    I really enjoyed this continuation of the Kase-san series, its fun to see the girls in college and facing new challenges. Yamada’s new friend at the horticulture school is also pretty cute and I’m looking forward of seeing more of her.

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