Game of the Month: February 2020

This month, the game I intend to feature here is one that had a handful of characters appear in a crossover title, alongside the likes of characters from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and RWBY.
This is the first entry of this particular franchise to be released for a Nintendo console, and has a title that just rolls off the tongue.
Before I get to that, though, I do have a handful of honourable mentions to make for this month.
First, the Cindered Shadows DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses – a new side story has been added to the game, and finishing it allows you to recruit the four characters from the Ashen Wolves house during the main game.

Next, Pop’n TwinBee was added to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online service. A vertically scrolling shooter that was originally released for the SNES in 1993 – but only in Japan and Europe. It is now available in North America as well thanks to this release. If you’ve never played it, I highly recommend it – it is a colourful and fun shooter.

Something of a surprise release this month was Warface, a free to play war based first person shooter. I’ve spent a little bit of time playing it, and it is serviceable enough. Perhaps not the best FPS available on Switch, but it is free – providing you have a spare 7.4GB of space. I haven’t touched any of the microtransactions, and do not intend to do so – but I don’t feel like that is putting me at a disadvantage.

There sure is a lot coming out in these last couple of weeks of February, and I’m not even done with the honourable mentions yet. Next is Ciel Fledge -A Daughter Raising Simulator-, which I might be just a little bit addicted to. I recall reading that it was inspired by Princess Maker, and having played Princess Maker 2 (if I recall correctly), I am into that.

All right, one last honourable mention for a game – or rather, games – that isn’t out at the time of writing. That is MEGAMAN ZERO/ZX LEGACY COLLECTION, which collects together all my favourite Mega Man games into one package. Naturally, I have it pre-ordered, ready to play when it is released on February 25th.UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe Late[cl-r]Whew, finally got here. My Game of the Month for February 2020 is UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late[cl-r]. Just don’t ask me to how to pronounce that last bit of the title.

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late[cl-r] is the first entry of the Under Night In-Birth saga to be release on the Nintendo Switch. It is developed by 2D fighting game studio French Bread, and published by PQube (who are also responsible for bringing us Ciel Fledge -A Daughter Raising Simulator-).
Apparently Arc System Works and Ecole Software are also involved the development in some manner. Whatever the case, this game is another anime fighter that can sit proudly alongside the likes of BlazBlue and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late[cl-r] offers nearly a thousand balance changes and new moves, but I suppose none of that particular matters for those of us who are diving into this series for the first time. Still, that number definitely suggests that French Bread have put a lot of care into the development of this game, even if the title is akin to just randomly mashing a keyboard.

The game offers your usual fighting game modes: Arcade, Survival, that kind of thing. It is pretty generous with unlockable alternative colours for each character, too, even giving each colour scheme an individual name.

Most of my time with the game so far has been spent on the Challenge Mode, where you have to pull off specific combos. I have played through Arcade Mode with Nanase, and at the moment I am leaning towards her as a main – but I’ll figure that out once I’ve spent some time with the other characters.

I enjoy me a good fighting game, and UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late[cl-r] is one that is proving to be worthy of my attention.

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