Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 3: Two Streams, Flowing Together

The third episode of Healin’ Good PreCure gives Cure Grace a new ally to fight alongside. Let’s see how her introduction to the team goes.


Nyatoran is living the best life

So the synopsis for this episode: Nodoka struggles to keep the whole PreCure thing a secret from Chiyu, whilst Pegitan is unable to keep Latte in one place. However, Latte wandering off ultimately benefits Pegitan, as he is able to find himself a new partner.

Nodoka, Latte & Chiyu

Nodoka doesn’t exactly make a convincing liar

If you’re expecting this episode to focus on Chiyu Sawaizumi, you’d be correct. After all, no prizes for guessing who would be the second girl to take up the mantle of PreCure for this season – the opening credits pretty much gave that one away, as well as all the pre-release information.

Chiyu & Nodoka

Chiyu shows Nodoka her place

This episode gives us more information about Chiyu. For a start, her family owns a hot spring inn (going a little bit Konohana Kitan on us). She also mentions how once something is on her mind she can’t stop thinking about it – I’d like to think she is specifically referring to Nodoka.


Shindoine is our villain for this week

Shindoine seems utterly devoted to King Byogen. If King Byogen is anything like past PreCure villains, he’ll cast his underlings aside without so much as a second thought, but that’s something to concern ourselves with much later on in the season.
For the time being, a villain appearing also means the appearance of the monster of the week.


This Megabyogen looks like it could be a Robot Master from Mega Man

The first two Megabyogens we saw in this season were more on the natural side – formed from flowers and a tree respectively. Interesting how this one seems to be more man-made. Not that it really matters; whatever the case, Nodoka has to step up.

Cure Grace protects Chiyu

Cure Grace protects Chiyu

Chiyu witnesses Nodoka transform into Cure Grace, and then gets caught up in the battle. The result leads to Cure Grace getting hurt, because something needs to happen so Chiyu can have an opportunity to shine.

Chiyu and Pegitan

Chiyu offers Pegtian her courage

I suppose it would probably be worth mentioning that Pegitan is not exactly the courageous type, and he feels like a failure after letting Latte just wander off (though Nyatoran is equally to blame). His heart is in the right place, though, and Chiyu offering her courage to him leads to the second Cure making her debut.

Cure Fontaine

Cure Fontaine

Chiyu’s debut as Cure Fontaine is good. She delivers some pretty hefty blows to the Megabyogen, and shows some impressive dodging skills. Admittedly she does have a little help from Cure Grace, but this is Cure Fontaine’s first fight.

Nodoka, Latte, Chiyu, Pegitan and Nyatoran

Nyatoran comes back to discover Pegitan has a new partner

The episode comes to an end after Nodoka and Chiyu take care of Latte, and Nyatoran returns from his wandering.

I’m happy with this episode. Chiyu’s debut as Cure Fontaine was enjoyable, and I certainly won’t complain about Nodoka and Chiyu growing closer.
I already liked Chiyu from what we saw of her in the previous episodes, and now this one just confirms that she is a good character.

Next time, the third member joins the team.

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