Thoughts on Yuri Is My Job! Volume 5

The fifth volume of miman’s Yuri Is My Job! manga sees the introduction of new teas at Liebe Girls Academy, as well as a couple of upcoming birthdays.
This volume contains chapters twenty-two through to twenty-six (or “shifts”, as they are called here).

Yuri Is My Job! Volume 5

Front cover of the fifth volume of Yuri Is My Job!, featuring Mitsuki Yano and Hime Shiraki

With the Blume competition behind them, the bonds between the schwestern have solidified. Now each member is gearing up for their respective birthday celebrations at Liebe Girls Academy! Business is booming as the café reintroduces staff-recommended teas and the like, but when Nene falls ill, Mai and Sumia take to the kitchen in her stead. Now understaffed, the salon is thrown into a frenzy, and Mitsuki and Hime’s relationship might not make it out intact.

The main plot of this volume concerns Hime and Mitsuki’s relationship, but there’s a couple of other things happening before getting to that point: the new recommended teas, as well as Hime and Kanoko going out on a date.

The date – or, rather, shopping trip – leads into an arc that puts Hime and Mitsuki centre stage. It is Mitsuki who is responsible for much of the drama we get here, as Hime is quite simply just trying to do her best whilst the café is understaffed.
Fortunately Kanoko is on hand to provide plenty of advice, but that doesn’t really go over well with Mitsuki.

There is a lot of frustration for Mitsuki in this volume, and she feels like she is bringing it on herself. A flashback to when she first discovered Liebe Girls Academy sheds some light on the type of person she was before.
We also discover her motivation for working at the café. Mitsuki feels she may not be getting any closer to her goal though, especially when the café becomes understaffed. Hime’s attempts to help are met with stubborn resistance, because it seems that Mitsuki hasn’t quite let go of her old self just yet.

Whilst the new teas and the Hime and Kanoko shopping trip are more on the relatively light-hearted side of things, the drama gets cranked up afterwards. Things seem pretty rough, and it may take a little while before anything is done about that.

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