Thoughts on Konohana Kitan Volume 7

Time for another trip to Konohanatei with the seventh volume of Sakuya Amano’s manga. This one includes a look back into Kiri’s past, as well as a rather important moment for Yuzu and Satsuki.
There are six chapters contained in this volume.

Konohana Kitan Volume 7

Front cover of the seventh volume of Konohana Kitan, featuring Natsume, Yuzu and Sakura

The foxes who work at Konohanatei come from many different families with different expectations. Although she once longed to be a shrine maiden like her sister Hiiragi, Satsuki has found a home in Konohanatei and a sense of belonging among her coworkers now. Of course, her complicated relationship with her sister doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about Hiiragi too.
As some more aspects of Hiiragi and Satsuki’s relationship when they were younger come to light, so do more details about Kiri’s mysterious past growing up as a worker at the inn. Meanwhile, in present-day Konohanatei, an unfortunate misstep on Hiiragi’s part causes some unexpected trouble!

In this volume, we have some chapters set in the past, and some set in the present. For the present, it is mostly stuff concerning Satsuki and Hiiragi’s relationship as sisters – though there is a brief glimpse into their past which reveals just why Satsuki is not so keen on the dark.
Another relationship which gets some focus here is the one between Yuzu and Satsuki, with Satsuki coming very close to being upfront and honest with her feelings. All while she and Yuzu take a bath in the snow.
This particular chapter is my favourite of this volume, and that can be contributed to the Satsuki and Yuzu bath fanservice. Not just that, though. Satsuki is definitely taking a step forward – a small one, perhaps – with her relationship with Yuzu.

As for the parts of this volume that take a look at the past, we get some focus on Ren’s younger sister Momo and the time she tried working at Konohanatei – it didn’t go well. She might be better suited to being a shrine maiden, particularly with Ume watching over her.

More of Kiri’s past is also revealed, and that provides some insight into her family as well as being careful with the words you use when speaking. Some pretty fascinating stuff happened to Kiri in her youth, and that shaped the person she is in the present. That particular chapter ends on a darker note, particularly as it involves someone who can see the future.
I’m pretty interested in seeing where that plot thread goes, but that will have to wait.

Even after seven volumes Konohanatei Kitan is an utter delight to read. Even more so when it outs Yuzu and Satsuki’s relationship front and centre, but there are delights to be had from the stories of all the Konohanatei workers – and even some guests.
Plenty of fascinating stuff here, and Sakuya Amano continues to deliver a strong series.

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