Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 1: Two Flowers, Bound Together

It is time to step into a new season of Pretty Cure, and naturally the first episode serves as an introduction to our new protagonist, fairies and the foes they will be battling. I’ll always look forward to a new season of PreCure, but add Aoi Yuuki to it and my hype goes up a lot.

Nodoka Hanadera

Our new protagonist: Nodoka Hanadera

The first episode summary of this season: Nodoka Hanadera and her parents move to a new town. There, Nodoka encounters fairies Healing Garden, who end up enlisting her to become PreCure when a monster attacks.

Hinata Hiramitsu

Hinata Hiramitsu

This episode is an introductory one, featuring relatively brief appearances from a couple of important characters. Nodoka and the fairies are the main focus, but it is nice to get to know the new faces we’ll be spending the year with – even if they don’t introduce themselves properly. We’ll get to that in their respective episodes.

Latte, Nyatoran & Pegitan

Latte, Nyatoran and Pegitan

Whilst Nodoka is getting acquainted with her new surroundings, and offering to help out anyone who needs it, the fairies are looking for human partners. Those who they partner up with will become the legendary PreCure.

Chiyu Sawaizumi

Chiyu Sawaizumi

Nodoka also encounters Chiyu Sawaizumi, and her first impression is that she is pretty. I’m quite keen to see if anything develops from that initial impression. It is early days at the moment, and I’m we still have plenty more characters to meet.

Monster of the Week


The antagonists for this season are the Byogens, and the monsters of the week are called MegaByogens. I like the design for this first MegaByogen, and I hope that is a trend that continues throughout this season.
Of course, the MegaByogen didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. It was summoned by Daruizen, a general of the Byogens.



There isn’t much to say about Daruizen at the moment. Someone had to summon the monster for Cure Grace’s tutorial fight. Though, if Daruizen sounds familiar, that might be because you are watching Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!. Daruizen and Sayaka Kanamori are both voiced by Mutsumi Tamura. I guess it is also worth mentioning that one of Mutsumi Tamura’s other roles is Miss Kobayashi.



There is quite a bit of Rabirin abuse going on in this first episode. I’ll be honest, I laughed when she was hit with the shopping bag. The MegaByogen and Daruizen are also partly responsible, but Rabirin getting her leg trapped under a branch leads to a fateful meeting with Nodoka.

Nodoka's past

A brief look into Nodoka’s past

Seems that Nodoka spent quite some time in the hospital in her past, and that’s about all we are shown of her past for now. I’ll admit, it has got me curious as to what happened to her. However, Nodoka is healthy in the present, and the only one who can put a halt to the MegaByogen.

Cure Grace

Cure Grace

We get our first transformation sequence of the season, and Nodoka becomes Cure Grace. It is a good transformation sequence. We also get the usual reactions to becoming PreCure for the first time – I’ll always find those amusing. As for the battle itself…

Cure Grace attacks

Cure Grace delivers a powerful kick

It may only be a tutorial fight, but Cure Grace puts on a pretty good demonstration. It also gives us an insight into how PreCure will be fighting the monsters of the week – beat them up a bit, scan for a weak point and follow up with a special move. In this case, it is PreCure Healing Flower.

Flower Element

Flower Element

It seems that in this season, PreCure will be saving Elements – who will lend their power to them so that they can keep Latte healthy. Apparently Latte falls ill whenever a MegaByogen appears, and defeating it is the only way to help her recover.
That more or less wraps up the first episode of Healin’ Good PreCure, and I enjoyed quite a lot.

A strong introduction for this season, and I look forward to seeing how PreCure’s battle against the Byogens plays out in the future.
I’m already liking Nodoka a lot, but perhaps that is because her nature of wanting to help everyone reminds me of Hibiki Tachibana – and her voice, too, naturally.

The new opening and ending themes are pretty good on first listen, and I suspect they will only grow on me more as the season continues.

Good start for this show, I eagerly look forward to more.

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