Thoughts on If I Could Reach You Volume 2

In the second volume of tMnR’s If I Could Reach You, we get to spend some time with Uta’s friend Chloe. Chloe’s love life gives Uta some ideas about how she should approach her relationship with her Kaoru.
This volume contains chapters six through to ten of the story.

If I Could Reach You Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of If I Could Reach You, featuring Kaoru

For so long, Uta has pushed down any romantic feelings he’s had for her old friend Kaoru, especially after Kaoru became her sister-in-law. But after some deep reflection and advice from classmate Chloe, Uta’s embraced that her feelings are quite real. So where can she go from here…? As exam season nears, though, the tables turn, and Chloe’s the one asking for Uta’s urgent help to pass some tests. While Uta works on study plans for Chloe, a more pressing request arises: A girl named Miyabi asks Uta for advice on dating Chloe!

After reading the second volume of If I Could Reach You, I’m convinced that Chloe – or Kuro, as Uta calls her – is the best character. The fact that the story in this particular volume mostly revolves around Chloe certainly helps.
As a result, we get to see her home life. More importantly, though, is her love life. Well, she may not think of it as romance, but Chloe certainly has an epiphany when it comes to a girl named Miyabi.

Miyabi works at a café in the building that Chloe’s father owns, and seems to care a great deal about Chloe. When Uta and Chloe discuss studying for upcoming exams, she even joins in – presumably feeling somewhat jealous about the friendship that Uta and Chloe have.

Of course, Uta helps Chloe with studying, but she also has a talk about Chloe and Miyabi’s relationship. This all comes back to Uta having another think about her own feelings towards Kaoru.
The main plot takes a backseat for a little while as Chloe takes centre stage, but in the background we have Kaoru really feeling the loneliness as Reiichi is off on a business trip and Uta stays at Chloe’s place to help her study.

On the subject of Reiichi, it seems that he might just be noticing there is something there when it comes to Uta and Kaoru. He almost asks Uta about it, but ultimately decides not to. Just imagine a world where anime and manga characters actually communicate with each other…

Also, Reiichi’s business trip apparently involves another woman, which of course has Kaoru assuming the worst. She never explicitly states her fear, but it is pretty obvious. Things take a pretty dramatic turn at the end of this volume, too.

If I Could Reach You still has my attention, and even more so with Chloe and Miyabi. Of course, I do want to see what goes on with Uta’s feelings for Kaoru. Chloe was the main star of this volume, though, which definitely resulted in me enjoying reading through a lot.

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