Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 47: Wish to Walk Forward

We’ve more or less come to the end of our time with Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, as we have only two episodes left – and I’ll be writing a review for the show after the last one. Things tend to get pretty spectacular during the final few episodes of any season of PreCure, so lets see if Star ☆ Twinkle continues that trend.

PreCure & Ayewan

Hikari and company check on the Notraiders

After taking Fuwa captive in the previous episode, the Ophiuchus Princess starts a ritual with the intent of destroying the universe. PreCure and the Starscape Alliance join forces with the Notraiders in order to bring a halt to the thirteenth princess’ plans.
When they confront her, PreCure discover that protecting the universe comes at a cost.

Ophiuchus Princess

The Ophiuchus Princess

This episode is effectively made up of two parts. The first has Hikaru and the others interacting with the Notraiders, whereas the second is the confrontation against the Ophiuchus Princess.

Ayewan & Yuni

Ayewan & Yuni

We get some nice little moments between the Notraiders and members of PreCure. Elena’s chat with Tenjou is one moment that carries over nicely from their prior interactions, and we get even more Yuni & Ayewan (or Eyewon, whatever you prefer) interactions.
The newfound alliance with the Notraiders is not something that people readily accept, but there isn’t really any other options due to the circumstances.

Ready for battle

PreCure and allies heading straight towards the final battle

This episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is also one that is most certainly playing up its sci-fi aspect, and I can appreciate that. I’d say I something about expecting someone to pull out a lightsaber, but Kappard has that covered.

Cure Selene

We get a few still frames of shots that perhaps could have been animated…

Don’t expect too much from the Notraiders, by the way. All they’re doing is simply clearing a path to allow PreCure to get to the Ophiuchus Princess. Kind of a shame, but I guess someone has to take a hit with what part of this episode is providing.

Cure Selene, Cure Milky, Cure Star, Cure Yuni, Cure Soleil

PreCure ready to confront the Ophiuchus Princess

So yeah, quite a bit of this episode is actually just exposition delivered by the Ophiuchus Princess. She goes into the origin of Star Twinkle Imagination, and how the universe came to exist. Of course, her ultimate goal is also revealed as well.

Fuwa protects PreCure

Fuwa makes a move when PreCure can’t

This exposition culminates in the Ophiuchus Princess revealing that a sacrifice will have to be made to put a halt to her plans. This shakes Cure Star and the others into inaction, so Fuwa takes it upon herself to actually get something done.

Fuwa’s decision results in… well, that’s something for the next episode.
I feel that perhaps this episode could have been a little lighter on the exposition, perhaps give more chances for the Notraiders to shine in battle.
Overall, though, I would say this was a good episode. PreCure and their former enemies charge into battle against a great evil to save Fuwa – it definitely sounds good when it is summed up.

I believe the next episode is the final one, so I’ll have a review out for Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, and I’ll have to think about where this season fits into my ranking of every season of Pretty Cure.

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2 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 47: Wish to Walk Forward

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Fuwa T_T
    They sure took things in an interesting direction though with all that stuff about goddesses and stuff. I’m hoping it was a bit of a fakeout sequence or something or anything. I don’t watch the EP PVs whenever it gets to the end like this, so I have no clue where things will go next.
    Star has had it so rough recently….Definitely one of my favorite Cure leads

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