Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 46: Our Universe

Here we are at the start of the final act of Star☆ Twinkle PreCure. Episode forty-six is the beginning of the end, and it has quite a bombshell to drop. It is a rare case of Toei actually not spoiling a surprise (I think), though I had it spoiled for me on Twitter anyway…
Well, whatever, let’s just dive in.

Madoka, Lala, Hikaru, Yuni, Elena, Fuwa & Puruns

The conversation at the Star Palace is interrupted by some unwelcome visitors

In this episode, Hikaru and the others meet with the Star Princesses at the Star Palace, who are prepared to start a ritual that will bring peace to the universe. However, the arrival of the Notraiders puts a stop to that, and they are accompanied by Darknest.

Tenjou, Garuouga & Kappard

The armour twists their imaginations

One of the first things I want to highlight in this episode is the soundtrack. The electric guitars come out as the Notraiders lead an assault on the Star Palace, and I am all about that kind of thing.
PreCure’s enemies aren’t exactly fighting of their own will, as Darknest is twisting their imagination so they are beyond control. It results in Cure Star and her allies having a rough time holding their own.

Cure Selene, Cure Milky, Cure Cosmo & Cure Soleil

The Cure’s react to Darknest’s reveal

There’s some use of repeated animation as the Notraiders attempt to destroy the barrier protecting the Star Palace, which perhaps could have been used for something a little more visually interesting.
On the subject of interesting, Darknest sheds the armour in this episode.

Darknest's True Form

Darknest’s true appearance

Darknest reveals herself to be the thirteenth Star Princess: the Ophiuchus Princess. Back towards the beginning of this season, I did wonder if Ophiuchus would be incorporated in some way. I guess the whole snake motif should have really given that one away…


Tsundere Ayewan

The Ophiuchus Princess reveals her ultimate goal, which leads to the Notraiders attempting to turn against her. She possesses incredible power, though, so that doesn’t happen – not without some interference from PreCure, at least.

Ophiuchus Princess attacks

The Ophiuchus Princess takes advantage of the exhausted PreCure

PreCure may be able to live up to their proclamation of protecting the Notraiders, but that just gives the Ophiuchus Princess the opportunity she needs to move closer to her goal. Unfortunately, PreCure and their new allies are left with little choice but to take a tactical retreat.

This episode was really good. I approve of Darknest’s reveal. I presume PreCure will manage to redeem her next time, but I hope they do so through the medium of a good old brawl.
Soundtrack was superb in this episode, as I’ve already stated, and it was a joy to see Ayewan lend her aid to Cure Cosmo.

I’m expecting good things from the next episode, as we get to the final battle.

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1 Response to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 46: Our Universe

  1. cirno9fan says:

    It’s really nice that Eyewon was the only of the original antagonist group that never really succumbed to Darknest’s power and always made her own choices (even if they were misguided for a time)
    I also really liked how Star pointed out how pointless everything that was going on was. She really has been one of the better Cure leads.
    I am always up for eyewon and cosmo interactions too ~ Those two are ❤
    I hope we get something really nice in the final episode when they hopefully keep up the new tradition of offering epilogues!

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