Chidori RSC Episode 11: Path of Thorns

Let’s start with some bad news: the 12th and final episode of Chidori RSC won’t be airing until January 18th, 2020. It’s unfortunate, but not as bad as the delay of Azur Lane‘s final couple of episodes.
Enough about that, now, though, as we focus on episode eleven of Chidori RSC, which is airing as normal. The Nationals continue, and Hikari’s turn to shoot has arrived.


Hikari, ready to go

This episode presents to us the final part of the team rifle shooting competition. We get a particular focus on two characters for this round: Hikari, and the captain of Hozumi High, Maho.
We also get a bit of the aftermath of the team competition.

Hikari and Izumi's first meeting

Hikari and Izumi’s first meeting

Whilst the main focus of this episode the competition, we do get some rather small glimpses into the past. One notable such occurrence is Hikari and Izumi’s first meeting. It’s… very Hikari.


Maho isn’t actually shooting like this, but its still a nice image

For the last round of the team competition, the attention is split between Maho and Hikari. I have no intention of giving away the results of the team competition, but I will say that Hikari manages to catch Maho’s attention.

Hikari's past

Another glimpse of Hikari’s past

Some light is shed on Hikari’s obsession with going to the Olympics in this episode, too. It seems she took something someone said a little to seriously.

Maho & Hikari

Two rifle shooting nerds

The team competition comes to a close, so I guess the final episode being delayed isn’t all that terrible. This is a good stopping point, but, there is still some of the episode left. After spending so long in a hot, sweaty room, there is only one thing of the rifle athletes’ minds.

Bath time

Bath time

In case you’re wondering where Yukio is…


Embarrassed Yukio

A couple of the Asaka girls join the Chidori girls in the bath, but not before reacting to Hikari. If it feels like the end credits for this episode come a little earlier than usual, that’s because they do.
There is one more scene after the credits, so make sure to stick around for that.

As for this episode, yet more great stuff from Chidori RSC. I feel like the pressure of competition makes rifle shooting a lot more interesting to watch, particularly with these most recent few episodes actually making the experience quite compelling.
Gaining some insight into Hikari’s motivations was also nice, and Maho certainly had an impressive showing, too.

The aftermath of the competition also provided some more fun stuff.

There’s a bit of wait until the final episode of Chidori RSC, but as I already mentioned this one does feel like a decent stopping point. As is the case with the shows I’ve been covering, I’ll have a review out after I have watched the final episode.

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