Thoughts on A Witch’s Printing Office Volume 1

A story involving what is effectively a comic con in a fantasy setting is something that I would love to write (and do have several ideas for), and it seems there are people out there who share similar feelings.
A Witch’s Printing Office is an isekai manga about a girl who runs an even called Magic Market, in an effort to find a spell that will allow her to return to her own world.
Mochinchi wrote the story, whilst the art is by Yasuhiro Miyama. Yen Press have licensed the manga for an English release.
This first volume contains the first six chapters of the story.

A Witch's Printing Office Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of A Witch’s Printing Office, prominently featuring Mika Kamiya

What nerd wouldn’t enjoy exploring an RPG-style world? Not Mika Kamiya! She was just about to enjoy her post-Comic Market haul when fate whisked her away to a fantasy land. All Mika wants it to find a way home, so she’s hunting for spells – but rather than search all over, they’ll be coming to her to attend her magical-book-selling event, Magic Market! With a very “animated” catalog of guests, eccentric attendees, and out-of-control lines, what could possibly go wrong?!

This volume of A Witch’s Printing Office actually covers two different instances of Mika’s Magic Market, with a glimpse into the business she has set up for herself in the fantasy world she has found herself reincarnated into.
In this particular world, everyone is capable of using magic, though to what extent varies from person to person. There are people who specialise in magic: witches and wizards.
Our protagonist, Mika, is not one of them. Under the tutelage of the witch known as Claire, she was able to learn copy magic, which she puts to good use as the boss of a printing company.

Mika’s work at the printing office keeps her busy, but not as busy as when the Magic Market event is on. Things get particularly chaotic, with battalions of knights even being drafted in to try and keep things orderly.

There’s a great cast of characters to be found in A Witch’s Printing Office, with some of the eccentric ones certainly creating some very memorable moments in this first volume.
And there are a lot of eccentrics wanting to sell and buy magic at the Magic Market. Mika figuring out how to deal with them is just one of many obstacles she has to overcome.

Mika isn’t alone in her endeavours. Her aforementioned teacher, the witch Claire, is always willing to help Mika. She also seems to be very affectionate with Mika, often pulling her into a hug that leaves her struggling to breath.
We also have the introduction of a few of the Akivalhalla Knights, and the other employees of Protagonist Press, Mika’s printing office.

A Witch’s Printing Office leaves a very strong first impression with its first volume. It was just a lot of fun to read, even if things did tend to get chaotic at times – though that is totally in line with what Mika had to cope with at the Magic Market events.
For anyone seeking a new fantasy manga to read, then A Witch’s Printing Office gets a strong recommendation from me.

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