Chidori RSC Episode 10: Shooting is Beauty

The second round of the Nationals starts in the tenth episode of Chidori RSC, which means that it is Erika’s turn to shoot. Before that, though, she needs to find the right mental state.

Hikari & Izumi

This whole sequence is pure gold

Before the second round of the Nationals begin, the rifle athletes get a break so they can mentally prepare themselves for what is coming up. Once that is done, Erika is up to shoot for Chidori High.



Much of this episode is spent focusing on Erika’s mental state. She might not actually be doing too well. Seems like the nerves are getting to her, as she feels the pressure to be the best.

Maho's muscles

Maho’s toned muscles

Erika isn’t the only one preparing for what is coming up, though it is safe to say that her competitors are probably a little more confident about it. We get a particular focus on the Hozumi team, and that is a treat. The three members of their team are characters I all like very much.

Blushing Erika

Shy Erika

We get a tender moment between Erika and Akira, with the latter even holding back just to be nice. Whether it helps Erika’s mental state or not… well, the episode will answer that question.

Tohko & Sayu

Tohko & Sayu

When the second round actually begins, the first and second place schools from the previous tournament are shooting right next to each other. Sayu may not give Tohko the greatest first impression, but her shooting is certainly nothing to sneeze at.
We also get a title drop from Sayu – or, we would, if this anime adaptation had kept the Rifle Is Beautiful title. Oh well.

Erika Time

Oh, that time already?

Sayu has an interesting performance, and so too does Erika. I won’t give away the end results, but I will share a line that Yukio said that amused me a great deal.


Getting a bit meta there, Yukio

One final thing from this episode.


Yuko’s reaction to Hikari’s new innerwear was great

Another solid episode of Chidori RSC, which provided both serious and comical moments. Erika had more of the serious stuff, which was led to quite a contrast compared the cool and collected Yukio we saw previously.
They are at a competition after all, and Erika is putting pressure on herself because she wants to make Hikari’s job easier.
Though that does also somewhat come across as Erika having little to no faith in Hikari’s abilities. Again, I still think that Hikari is going to surprise everyone due to being much better when performing under pressure.

We’ll have to wait until next time to see whether that turns out to be the case or not.

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