Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 11: A Sortie

The Crimson Vow are looking for their next big job in the eleventh episode of Abilities Average. They find one that strikes their fancy, but perhaps it winds up being much bigger than they had anticipated.

Crimson Vow relaxing

Mavis, Pauline and Reina are completely relaxed

In this episode, the Crimson Vow take on a quest to find a missing investigation party. Monsters were being displaced from their natural habitats, but the people who went to check on that vanished. The Crimson Vow decide to take the quest to find them, whilst trying not to rely on Mile so much this time around.
The quest brings the Crimson Vow up against beastpeople, and to some ancient ruins.

Crimson Vow discussing

Mile thinks the others shouldn’t rely on her so much

This episode of the Abilities Average anime adapts chapters twenty-seven (Sixteen Years Since…), twenty-eight (A Sortie), twenty-nine (Demonic Deeds), thirty (A Fearsome Fight! The Sunrise Battle), thirty-one (To the Capital), thirty-two (Once More into the Forest) and thirty-three (Fight to the Finish). That might seem like a lot, but much of it has been condensed down to fit into a single anime episode. Also, we only get a small part of chapter thirty-three adapted here.

Crimson Vow on the move

Mile’s search magic allows her to detect the enemy

Mile makes a big fuss about having the other members of the Crimson Vow not rely on her as much, but that rapidly goes out the window. To be fair, the Crimson Vow are walking into a dangerous situation; well, a situation that would be dangerous for your average Hunters…


The Crimson Vow discover the beastpeople are excavating ruins

In the light novel, the fight against the beastpeople has an entire chapter dedicated to it. Here, in the anime, it happens in what could be considered real time, so the Crimson Vow take next to no time to claim victory.


Pauline misjudged the size of the gap

In the light novel, finding and rescuing the prisoners is a bit more involved for the Crimson Vow as they have to escort them back to a safe place first, and then return afterwards. The anime condenses that down so there are no return trips.


Mavis powers up with Mile’s Micross

Mavis gains a new power-up in this episode, courtesy of Mile. Apparently the audience needs Nano to explain what it does to them. I guess Mile doesn’t tell Mavis about the nanomachines, but it sure does interrupt the flow when Nano crops up to drop some exposition.

Dr. Cu Leleia

Cu Leleia

In the light novels, the elf the Crimson Vow rescues goes by the name of “Clairia”. Here, Crunchyroll has opted with Cu Leleia. Since I’m focusing on the anime, I shall refer to her as Cu Leleia.
There are a couple of other notable things inside the ruins besides Cu Leleia. One is the carvings on the walls, and the other… well.

Elder Dragon

A dragon appears, and not just any old dragon, either

Towards the beginning of this episode, Mile was adamant that the Crimson Vow learn to get along without her help, as death could come at any time. Turns out the Crimson Vow’s next foe is one who can actually stand against them.

Mile injured

Things don’t look good for Mile

This episode ends on a cliffhanger. Things might have gotten a little bit more serious than normal.

I’m glad to see that this is probably the arc that the Abilities Average anime shall be ending with (for now, at least). After practically cruising through every fight up until now, the Crimson Vow find themselves cornered for the first time.
Admittedly it is presenting an abridged telling of events from the light novel, but the things I wanted to see animated most are happening.
Seems like the next episode is the last one, so expect a review of the whole Abilities Average anime series after it has aired.

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2 Responses to Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 11: A Sortie

  1. OG-Man says:

    I had a feeling the show would eventually use the “Overconfident Heroes” trope. The cliffhanger was exactly what I thought it’d be. We’ll see how Mile makes her comeback next time along with our respective reviews.

  2. cirno9fan says:

    my excitement levels kept on rising knowing what they were going to be encountering~
    Should be interesting to see how they handle the rest of this. And I’d also say this is probably a good stopping point, as it opens up questions and things, while dealing with something that needed addressing.

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