Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 44: Surprise Presents

Christmas is approaching, and as such Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is giving us a festive episode. The Cures are not alone in enjoying the Christmas cheer, as a couple of new guests show up. One of them isn’t exactly getting into the festive spirit, though.

Lala, Hikaru & Yuni

Lala and Yuni get to experience Christmas for the first time

Christmas is upon us in this episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, which ends up with the Cures discovering the one responsible for delivering presents is an alien. Hikaru and the others end up helping to deliver presents, but an attack from the enemy threatens to cancel Christmas.


A Santanian

Whilst there is some nice stuff coming from PreCure delivering presents, I’d say that the main draw of this episode is something that comes up a little later on. Before getting to that, there are a few moments worth mentioning.

Christmas Cures

Christmas Cures

Of course, delivering presents means that Hikaru and the others have to dress up for the occasion. Hikaru’s twin Santa hat thing is interesting. For the most part, the present delivery goes unhindered – though there is a child who now believes that Santa Claus is a cat girl. That would be an improvement over the jolly old fat bloke, if you ask me.

Madoka & Elena

Another Elena x Madoka moment

We get a nice little nod to Elena’s development over the past few episodes. Seems that she and Madoka could end up following similar paths; hopefully they’ll do so together.


Darknest attacks

The main event from this episode has to be Darknest actually fighting the Cures. He is after Fuwa, but it does look a lot like he is just asking for a hug the way he reaches out…

Darknest attacks

PreCure vs. Darknest

For the first time in Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, the main antagonist steps up to battle PreCure. Got to give props to Cure Soleil for leading the attack on Darknest, even if it doesn’t go quite as she hoped.

Cure Star vs Darknest

Cure Star vs. Darknest

The fight against Darknest is pretty enjoyable, and the first part even foregoes the usual stock footage attacks. Not so much for the second part, though, where everyone gets to use one of their stock footage attacks, followed by the usual finishing move.
There is a surprise at the end of the battle, but all I say is that this particular fight is most likely a hint of things to come.

So the Christmas plot was your pretty typical PreCure festive episode, but things certainly took a turn for the interesting with Darknest just showing up. That resulted in an enjoyable battle.
So, overall, a good Christmas episode.

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