Chidori RSC Episode 9: I am a Heroine

With all competing teams gathered in Hiroshima, the time for the rifle shooting Nationals has arrived. The Chidori Rifle Shooting Club worked hard to secure a place there, but the competition is only getting stronger.


Could be worse: Yuko could be driving

In this episode, all the competitors gather at Tsutsuga Rifle Range for the National High School Rifle Competition. The first day is practice, and that is followed by the first round. There are some familiar faces competing, but we also get introduced to a few new characters.

Hikari & Kiritani girls

Hikari reveals her practice has not been going well

The Nationals take place over the course of a few days, and the first day is for practice. It gives a chance for the competitors to get used to the atmosphere of the place. That’s all well and good for those who are shooting, but everyone else has to try and make their own entertainment. There’s not much going on if you’re not shooting.


Erika thanks Izumi for contributing towards the cost of the visor

The big competition is drawing ever closer, but the Chidori girls are still pretty much the same as ever. Their interactions are still a whole lot of fun, providing plenty of amusing moments.
Let’s shift focus to some of their competitors.

Serena Nitta

Serena Nitta

The current champions are from Hozumi High, and one of their best rifle athletes is Serena Nitta.

Sayu Kaijima

One of Sayu’s teammates, Sayu Kaijima

Accompanying Serena is Sayu, who may just be struggling to keep her hands to herself. Serena seems to be her favourite victim, though.

Maho Kogomori

Hozumi High’s captain, Maho Kogomori

Having meet the current champions, I like them already. Strong first impressions from these three ladies, and definitely strong rivals for Chidori.


Yukio is first to shoot in the team competition

The first round of the team competition begins, with Yuko not exactly making the best choice when it comes to the order of the team. Well, that’s what Erika seems to think, but I suspect that Hikari will thrive with the pressure of going last.

Serena shooting

Serena takes aim

With the first round of the Nationals underway, rivalries form between the girls who are shooting next to each other. Let’s just say some have a greater focus on their target than others.

Neneko Wada and Ruri Hachigou

Neneko Wada and Ruri Hachigou

Neneko and Ruri are an example of a rivalry forming, with this one apparently being a thing since the practice round. Also, out of this pair, I have to say that I like Ruri just a little more after seeing how she acts after the round ends.

Yukio thinking

Apparently Yukio’s mind tends to wander when she is focusing

I really enjoyed the insight into Yukio’s thoughts whilst she was shooting. I think there’s a bit of stream of consciousness going on there, and that seems to get results.

On the subject of results, I won’t give away how the first round went here. I will say, however, that suddenly Izumi suddenly finds Yukio as a rival. Not in rifle shooting, though. Or maybe, Hikari is actually the one going for the harem route. I don’t feel that would disappoint Yuko too much, though.

Chidori RSC continues to deliver wonderful episodes.

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