Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 43: Mask of Smiles

The forty-third episode of Star Twinkle PreCure wraps up the Elena arc that effectively started back in episode thirty-nine, with a visit to the Planet Guten. This particular planet is notable for being the place where Tenjou came from.
I have particularly high hopes for this episode. Hopefully it will meet my expectations.

Arrival on Planet Guten

Precure and company arrive on Planet Guten

In this episode, the PreCure take a trip to Planet Guten where the Starscape Alliance is working on technology that will let them track down the Notraiders. On the planet, Elena is confronted by Tenjou.

Madoka, Lala, Hikaru & Fuwa

Hikaru sketches the sights of the new planet

This may be considered an Elena episode, but playing an equally important role this time around is Tenjou. After all, the setting is her home planet.

Cure Soleil vs Tenjou

Tenjou vs. Cure Soleil

It seems the earlier into an episode the PreCure transform, the better it will be. Got to give props to Tenjou for attempting to attack Elena when she was alone, but of course that was never going to last long.

Young Tenjou

Young Tenjou

Tenjou’s backstory is divulged in this episode, and it is not something that she is particularly happy about sharing. Doesn’t seem to be quite as extreme as Kappard and Garuouga’s stories, but she definitely earns some sympathy at least.

Tenjou transformed

Tenjou plays both villain and victim this week

Being a Cure Soleil episode means that the other Cures have to be about as useful as chocolate fireguards during battle. Cure Soleil isn’t exactly proactively fighting either, so she gets literally kicked around a bit before she gets her actual moment to shine.

Selene reassures Soleil

Even incapacitated, Selene reassures Soleil

These last few episodes have definitely been pushing more Soleil x Selene interactions, and I am pretty happy with that. When Soleil is down, Selene is there to pick her up. The relationship between Elena and Madoka has definitely been one of the best things to come out of the previous few episodes.

Cure Soleil

Cure Soleil power up

Cure Soleil reaches a pivotal moment in her character development, and of course that means she follows in the footsteps of Yuni, Lala and Madoka. Just Hikaru to go now. Much like with Madoka’s episode, though, I feel like something is lost with the entire group launching their finishing attack. Just let Elena have it on her own, and it would be more impactful. Oh well.

Cure Soleil offers her hand

Cure Soleil offers her hand

After the battle, we get the hint that a certain force of evil will be on the move very soon. This episode wraps up in a rather touching manner, with Elena having a heart to heart with her mother.

Elena crying

I’d say something about cutting onions, but that’s exactly what Elena was doing at this point

Don’t worry, the episode doesn’t end on a downer. Rather, we cap off what has been a fantastic arc for Elena on a positive note.
I can safely say that this episode did indeed meet my expectations. I suspected it was going to be fantastic, and it was. Lots of lovely screentime for Elena, all devoted towards her character development.
For the previous few episodes, both Elena and Madoka have been the main stars. At times Hikaru, Lala and Yuni feel like their the main characters, but these past few episodes have been excellent reminders that Elena and Madoka are a key part of the team, as well.

Next time, Christmas! Might not be so merry, though…

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