Chidori RSC Episode 8: Arrival in Hiroshima

After taking a break and giving us a recap episode last week, Chidori RSC returns to our screens with actual new content. Various Rifle Shooting Clubs converge on Hiroshima as the Nations draw ever closer.


Hikari may not be getting much taller, but she has certainly grown in other areas

This episode is effectively everyone’s preparations for Nationals, which includes travelling to the place where they will be staying whilst the competition is on.

Akira & Misa

Akira shows her appreciation for Misa in her own special way

This entire episode is build up for the Nationals, giving us a glimpse at what everyone is doing in preparation for said event. Of course the main focus is on the Chidori Rifle Shooting Club, but we also check in on a few other familiar faces, too.

Yukio & Hikari

Yukio and Hikari talk about their nerves

This episode demonstrates that even Hikari gets nervous, and perhaps that is justified based on how she has been performing in practice. It’s a neat little moment between those two. There’s also Yukio referring to Erika as “Hime”, which is a new development.

Chidori Rifle Shooting Club

Chidori Rifle Shooting Club on the train to Hiroshima

Travelling to Hiroshima takes up a fairly large chunk of this episode, and that time is spent well. Some travel on train, whilst others take a plane. This opportunity is taken for the introduction of new characters, too.

Hozumi High

Hozumi High

Of course, there happens to be other Rifle Shooting Clubs aboard the same train as the Chidori girls, and naturally Hikari runs into one of them. One that will very much be worth remembering. We get a brief introduction, but I imagine we’ll learn a bit more about them next time.

Arriving in Hiroshima

Arriving in Hiroshima

Everyone arrives in Hiroshima, and it seems that the teams are being grouped by prefecture as there are plenty of familiar faces staying in the same hotel.

Friendly get together

The Asaka and Chidori girls have a “friendly get together”

Akira wanting to hang out with the Chidori girls might just be the weakest part of this episode. I feel that there were some missed opportunities here; for example, Hikari and Izumi could have subtly referred to each other when asked what their type is.
I’m going to go ahead and blame Akira for all that, though. Things are definitely a lot more fun when focusing on Hikari and her team.
Ultimately it was an attempt to help Erika and company overcome their nerves, but… eh.

Izumi & Kozakura

Izumi and Kozakura chat

Aside from that one scene with the Akira trying to talk romance, a pretty great episode. Fortunately, that was just a minor thing in the overall scheme of things.
It is good to have Hikari and the others back on our screens once again. Next time, they will discover just how fierce competition at the Nationals can be.

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1 Response to Chidori RSC Episode 8: Arrival in Hiroshima

  1. OG-Man says:

    Oh yes. Apart from the unnecessary romance talk scene it was a welcome return of our favorite Rifle Angels. Bless them.

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