Thoughts on New Game! Volume 7

The seventh volume of Shotaro Tokuno’s New Game! manga is one that picks up from where the second season of anime left off.
In other words, this is all new content, not even seen in the anime. Whilst the personnel of Eagle Jump may have changed a bit, everyone still has their own roles to play.

New Game! Volume 7

Front cover of the seventh volume of New Game!, featuring Rin Toyama and Aoba Suzukaze

With development complete on PECO, the Eagle Jump await Hazuki’s pitch for the next game they are working on. That gives them some time for a trip to Hokkaido, where Tsubame has some family issues to work out.
Hajime also manages to rope the team into a little personal project of hers, which may just lead to something bigger.

The way in which this volume starts is kind of incredible, and if (when?) New Game! gets a third season, I hope that is how it kicks off. All I say is that it involves Kou and Rin.
On the subject of Kou, she still appears in the story. In fact, she meets a couple of new characters, and they may only have brief appearances, but I can already tell that they’ll be a lot of fun.

A trip to Tsubame’s family inn in Hokkaido is one of the main points in this volume of the manga, and Tsubame is worried about what she wants to do about her future. It puts her at odds with her mother, but she does have the staff of Eagle Jump supporting her.
Got to give a special mention to Tsubame’s father, and his rather unique method of communication. Hifumi approves.

Another particularly notable event in this volume is the introduction of the planning team. It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that they are all female as well. This ties in with Hajime’s personal project.
Using Eagle Jump’s comptuers and software for personal reasons isn’t exactly encouraged, but it does develop into an opportunity. As to whether that opportunity is seized or not… well, I’m not giving that one away.

It is a pleasure to dive into new content from New Game!, and seeing what all the team get up to after the development of PECO is a treat. Some things may have changed, but New Game! still continues to be a really fun read.
Having some idea of what is in store for Eagle Jump now, I would absolutely love to see the anime get a third season. There’s so much great stuff in there that fans deserve to experience.

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