Thoughts on Laid-Back Camp Volume 7

It may surprise you to learn that the seventh volume of Afro’s Laid-Back Camp features more camping. Not.
Things are changed up a little this time, though. We have a solo camping trip, but it is not Rin who is embarking on it this time around.
This volume contains chapters thirty-five through to forty.

Laid-Back Camp Volume 7

Front cover of the seventh volume of Laid-Back Camp, featuring Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Ever since Rin began talking about the unique joys of solo camping, it’s been on Nadeshiko’s mind – and now she’s intent on trying it herself! But while Nadeshiko has her heart set on going it alone, both Rin and Nadeshiko’s big sister, Sakura, can’t help but worry. Can such an easygoing girl handle the outdoors all by herself?

The majority of this volume focuses on Nadeshiko taking a solo camping trip. It starts with her making the preparations, which includes getting advice from Rin on what to expect.
Whilst Nadeshiko is away on her solo camping trip, Rin has her own journey and she happens to cross paths with Sakura, Nadeshiko’s sister.

As a result, we get an unlikely pairing of Rin and Sakura. Things are a bit awkward between the two at first, but they are both united in worrying about Nadeshiko. Unread texts and a lack of messages only makes that worry greater.

As with any other volume of Laid-Back Camp, the scenery is given the attention it so deserves. There are some great sights to be seen in the places where Rin and Nadeshiko end up respectively, and Afro really conveys that.

Besides the solo camping stuff, we also get the beginnings of a plan for the OEC next camping trip. Seems the whole main cast will be participating in that one, but there’s the small matter of exams to overcome before then.

Laid-Back Camp continues to be a good time, with both new and familiar experiences for our intrepid camping characters. There’s also a good sense of humour present, making for an even more enjoyable read.

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