Chidori RSC Episode 7: I am an Airport

The seventh episode of Chidori RSC presents to us events that are pretty typical for a girl’s club anime. It really has fun with said events, though.

Celebration meal

Everyone ends up eating at the same place

In this episode, the Chidori Rifle Shooting Club and their rivals all celebrate by going out for a meal. That is followed up by some intense studying, as going to Nationals depends on the girls’ performances on their exams.

Hikari's class

Hikari casually drops the news that the RSC is going to Nationals

There are plenty of great moments throughout this episode. I was laughing throughout, though the moments that I enjoyed most are coming up a little later on. Nice to see the RSC get some recognition… even if it is not quite the same as what Hikari wanted.

Yukio begs

Yukio begs for help studying

This is where the typical girls’ club thing comes into play: one or two members of the club aren’t doing so well academically, and that means their chances of going to Nationals are on the line. That means it is time for some intense studying, which again lends itself to some great moments.

Erika & Yukio

Perhaps Yukio’s revision is not going so well because of someone’s attire…

Hikari & Izumi

Hikari & Izumi studying

We are presented with two very different approaches to revision. Do they work? That’s for those who have watched the episode to know.

Yuko Tsurumaki

This had me in stitches

Oh, I guess we’re spelling Yuko with only one “u” now, then. Maybe I should just call her Tsurumaki-sensei… Whatever, she is definitely making a strong argument for being the best character in Chidori RSC.

Izumi & Hikari

I love this show

Week by week, Chidori RSC is a consistently enjoyable show. This episode might just be the best one yet, and there wasn’t even all that much Beam Rifle Shooting going on. Oh, and stick around after the end credits for more Chidori RSC goodness.
So, yeah, excellent episode this week.

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1 Response to Chidori RSC Episode 7: I am an Airport

  1. OG-Man says:

    Sexy Erika and Hikari make me want a beach episode so badly.

    Hikari X Izumi are precious. Their love must be protected at all costs!

    Yukio got to shine this episode.

    Miss Yuko is a true heroine.

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