Thoughts on If I Could Reach You Volume 1

If I Could Reach You is a yuri manga written and illustrated by tMnR. The manga was first published in Japan in 2017 by Ichijinsha Inc., Tokyo, as Tatoe Itodatoshitemo volume 1.
This is the second yuri title licensed for an English by Kodansha Comics, following Yuri Is My Job!.
This first volume of If I Could Reach You contains chapters one through to five.

If I Could Reach You Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of If I Could Reach You, featuring Uta

High schooler Uta must navigate living in close quarters with Kaoru; her first crush, her childhood friend… and now, her sister-in-law. After spending a year under the same roof with her brother and Kaoru, Uta witnesses the cracks in their marriage beginning to show. And when Uta becomes Kaoru’s sole comfort and ally in their home, she is torn between her duty and her feelings. She just can’t get over her… not yet.

A lot of yuri manga I’ve written my thoughts on here have typically been more on the light and fluffy, that’s not quite the case for If I Could Reach You. It isn’t dark, but it does seem like it is dealing with a case of unrequited love.

Main character Uta is completely aware of her feelings for her sister-in-law, Kaoru, and also knows that she must try to move past them. Kaoru doesn’t exactly help matters, particularly when she does things like just hug Uta out of nowhere.

Another important character is Reiichi, Uta’s brother and Kaoru’s husband. I know, a man in a yuri manga – not that that invalidates it in anyway. Reiichi isn’t a bad guy or anything – he does care for Kaoru, though he can be somewhat forgetful.
There aren’t exactly any cracks in Reiichi and Kaoru’s marriage appearing in this first volume, and that is probably why Uta really struggles with what she feels for Kaoru.
Presumably things aren’t going to go smoothly for them as the story progresses, but for now they have a relatively stable relationship.

When it comes to characters, though, the one who might just stand out the most is Kuro: Uta’s friend. Uta is able to confide her feelings to her, and Kuro is willing to listen. She describes herself as Uta’s “emotional punching bag”, though she doesn’t exactly shy away when Uta wants to talk.
Kuro’s advice isn’t exactly the most useful, though. Seems she finds something rather entertaining about Uta’s situation.

There is one other character introduced, and a single world to sum her up would be “promiscuous”. There’s a reason for that, and that is effectively her search for the one. Not exactly someone that Uta can go to for advice, but she does discover that she does actually have something in common with said character.

I don’t know how If I Could Reach You is going to end, but it will almost certainly involve someone being heartbroken. Not exactly a happy ending in sight, but I am curious to see how it all plays out – especially after what Uta did when she found Kaoru completely defenceless.

For those who like their yuri to be fluffy and heartwarming, I can’t really recommend If I Could Reach You. However, the drama has drawn me in, and I can certainly recommend it to anyone who wants more yuri regardless of how it all ends up.

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