Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 40: The Unknown is So Good!

With episode of forty of Star Twinkle PreCure, there must be around two months’ worth of PreCure left – giving us somewhere between eight and ten episodes most likely.
The fortieth episode focuses on Lala, as secrets she has been keeping get out.


Good episode for fans of Lala

In this episode, Lala’s classmates start treating her differently after Madoka’s Dad suggests that she might be an alien. Of course, Hikaru sticks up for Lala, but Kappard leading an attack on the school only further complicates the situation.

Lala reading

Expect to see lots of Lala

Lala is in for a rough time in this episode, especially with her classmates’ sudden shift in attitude towards her. Whilst I do feel for the poor girl, it does mean we get a scene of Hikaru comforting her; if anybody is suited to that particular job, it is Hikaru.

Hikaru hugs Lala

Hikaru hugs Lala

It seems even if the whole world turns against her, Hikaru has Lala’s back. I’m sure the same would apply for the other members of PreCure, too, but lets just focus on the two sharing a touching moment together.

Cure Milky protects students

Cure Milky protects the students

When it comes to the usual fight part of the episode, Kappard serves as the villain this time around. He actually launches an attack on the school, which means that Lala and the others decide to take a drastic course of action.


Kappard transforms his weapon into a bow

Just as it seems we may get a break from the status quo and Kappard will fight with his own hands, he happens to spot another worthy victim nearby. You’d think that particular victim would be used in a Madoka episode, but nope.

Cure Milky

Cure Milky powers up

Whatever the case, this battle works in Cure Milky’s favour as she follows in Cure Cosmo’s footsteps. The team is slowly but surely acquiring what they need for what will most likely be a final battle.

Overall, I’d say a great episode. I really enjoyed, particularly with its focus on Lala. Nice to see her share a moment with Hikaru, too.

Next time, seems Madoka is worried about what the future holds for her.

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