Thoughts on New Game! Volume 6

The sixth volume of Shotaro Tokuno’s New Game! manga brings along some significant changes for Eagle Jump as the development of their game PECO continues on in earnest.

New Game! Volume 6

Front cover of the sixth volume of New Game!, featuring Tsubame Narumi, Aoba Suzukaze and Momiji Mochizuki

Volume sixth is off to a strong start as we get colour pages featuring two new additions to the cast of characters: Momiji Mochizuki and Tsubame Narumi. What’s more, the colour pages focus heavily on the two girls in the bath.

The main focus of this volume is the arrival of Momiji and Tsubame at Eagle Jump. Their arrival happens to spark a couple of workplace rivalries: Momiji against Aoba, and Tsubame against Nene.
These rivalries seem to come about due to Momiji and Tsubame both being extremely passionate about pursuing their dreams. They do end up being rather harsh towards their colleagues, though.

Momiji and Tsubame join Eagle Jump on internships, so they are keen to prove their abilities. It takes a little time for the pair to acclimatise to working at Eagle Jump, and a little longer for them to see eye-to-eye with Aoba and Nene respectively.

Whilst much of the focus is on Momiji and Tsubame (including a glimpses of their home life) in this volume, Kou drops a bombshell towards the end. A couple of hints regarding this particular bombshell actually come up earlier on in the volume.

Besides the drama with Momiji and Tsubame, as well as Kou, this volume also focuses on the latter part of development for PECO, with all of Eagle Jump putting all their effort into developing a good game.
Aoba may have had some drama with Kou earlier on, but there’s a rather sweet moment where Kou is able to give Aoba the recognition she deserves for all she has put in to designing PECO‘s characters.

Lots of great stuff happening in this volume, some of which will certainly have an impact on the future of Eagle Jump. Momiji and Tsubame are good additions to the cast, providing a bit more drama when it comes to working at Eagle Jump – something that will undoubtedly allow Aoba to grow even more as a character designer.

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