Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 6: The Fight

After reminiscing about the past in the previous episode, the Crimson Vow finish up their mission in episode six of Abilities Average. Turns out there there is actually a bit more going on than they initially anticipated, though.


Mile is confident about Crimson Vow’s abilities

In this episode, the Crimson Vow arrive in Amroth, and thus successfully complete their mission to protect some merchants. However, it soon becomes clear that there is more than one group of bandits attacking travellers. Hearing the merchants they protected had been attacked a second time, Reina decides to try and take things into her own hands.


The granddaughter of one of the merchants, Anne

This episode adapts chapter 17 from the light novel: it is called “The Fight”. Parts of chapter 18, “Interrogation” are also sprinkled in, too. The tone is lighter than the previous episode, at least for the first part.

Mile's school trip fantasy

Mile wants to go on a class trip with the Crimson Vow

Mile is pretty keen to have a class trip with the rest of the Crimson Vow, but that doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons. They part ways with the merchants as well, but not having someone to show them around doesn’t stop the Crimson Vow from doing some sightseeing.

Crimson Vow totem

Crimson Vow totem


Never waste money in the presence of Pauline

So we get some fairly fun moments with the Crimson Vow just being the Crimson Vow for the first part of this episode, but things take a turn when certain news reaches Amroth. It is something that Reina doesn’t particularly take well.


Reina goes after the bandits on her own

Reina still has a grudge against bandits, and seeing the people that are affected by their attack drives her to set out alone. As you might be able to imagine, things don’t really go well.

Mavis, Mile & Pauline

The rest of the Crimson Vow arrive

Of course, Reina is not alone. That’s something that Mile and the others have to make her realise, though. That gets interrupted by the arrival of the enemy, and it quickly becomes clear that there are more to their foes than them being bandits.

Reina casting

Reina’s rage burns fiercely

The battle plays out quite differently in the light novel. For a start, Crimson Vow are joined by two other hunter groups. The battle is also more brutal in the light novel, as there are numerous casualties.
But that’s the light novel, and this is the anime. Either way, the battle reaches its conclusion, and Reina gets to let off some steam.

Pauline comforts Mavis

Mavis getting all emotional

This episode wraps up shortly after the Crimson Vow return to Amroth. A very different approach to the same events from the light novel, but one that gives the spotlight entirely to the Crimson Vow; I have no complaints about that.
Overall, an enjoyable episode, I’d say.

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