Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 39: Smiles Connect People

After taking a break last week, Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure returns with an Elena-centric episode. She has an English speech contest coming up. Lucky for her, a new teacher shows up to prepare her for said event.

Madoka, Lala, Hikaru, Yuni, Elena, Fuwa & Puruns

There’s some pretty great outfits going on here

In this episode, Elena is nominated to participate in an inter-school English speech contest. Tenjou takes the opportunity to disguise herself as a teacher and get closer to Elena in an attempt to capture Fuwa.

Jou Tengu

Tenjou disguises herself as a teacher called Jou Tengu

Tenjou’s disguise is good – by which I mean I like it, and I guess it does its job of fooling the students. Madoka seems a little suspicious about this woman who just shows up out of nowhere, but that ultimately doesn’t go anywhere.

Elena talks to Ms. Jou

Elena seems quite taken with the new teacher

This episode sure makes it feel like Elena has a thing for her new teacher. She eagerly introduces herself, and is very willing to show her around the school as well. Can’t help but wonder if this episode might result in some Elena x Tenjou fanart.

Young Tenjou

A glimpse of Tenjou’s past

Much like Kappard recently, we gain some insight into Tenjou’s past with this episode. Not much is given away, though it is plainly obvious that Elena’s smile really brings up some unpleasant memories.

Elena flashback

Elena was keenly aware she was different from everybody else when she was young

Tenjou’s plan results in us getting a flashback to a younger Elena, who felt left out because she was the only one that was different. Fortunately, she came to realise she is different; just like everyone else.


Madoka is giving off a proud girlfriend vibe in this episode

Its kind of a shame that they didn’t have all of Elena’s speech in English; it transitioned to Japanese fairly near the start. Of course, that makes sense when you take consideration the target audience of PreCure. Regardless, it seems that Madoka was able to perfectly comprehend Elena’s speech, even if it was all in English.

Monster of the Week

The principal changed into a Notray by Tenjou

Yeah, we’ve had some good stuff with both Elena and Tenjou in this episode, but I have to take a moment to mention Yuni casually jumping out of a nearby tree when the time for battle arrives.

Cure Soleil

Cure Soleil

You’d think that Elena would get to lead the transformation sequence for this particular episode, but that’s not the case. Instead, we get the normal sequence with all five girls. Of course Tenjou has her own thoughts on smiles connecting people – this happens to tie in with her past. Again, we only get the bare minimum of information concerning that; I’m going to go ahead and assume more will be revealed later on.

The episode wraps up after the battle, which plays out in pretty typical fashion. Oh, there is one event that suggests things are going to get interesting for a certain alien. That possibly might start as soon as next week.

Its nice to have PreCure back after its break, and it returns with a very good episode. I’m happy with what we got here, and I suspect fans of Elena may feel the same way. There’s also a treat for Tenjou fans, so there’s plenty of good stuff here.

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