Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 10

Magical Girl Site‘s tenth volume continues directly on from the ninth, focusing not on Aya but on Kayo Kozumi as she tries to uncover information on somebody known only as “A”.
This volume of Kentaro Sato’s manga contains chapters sixty-five through to seventy-five.

Magical Girl Site 10

Front cover of the tenth volume of Magical Girl Site, featuring Kiichiro Misumi

While locked in jail, Kayo’s father mentioned a mysterious figure known only as “A”, leaving her plagued by questions. Was her little sister killed by a wand from Magical Girl SITE? And just who is A – and what role do they have to play in this depraved new world she’s found herself in?

Another volume of Magical Girl Site that once again has absolutely nothing to do with Aya’s story, at least for now. There are a few familiar faces who do show up, though, so I suppose it does have that.
Instead, we continue taking look at past events as Kayo and Sakaki form an uneasy alliance with another magical girl in an attempt to solve the mystery of A’s identity.
That is the main driving point of the plot in this volume.

Perhaps it is just me, but I would much prefer to see what is going on with Aya and Tsuyuno in the present; things were not exactly favourable for them when we left them two volumes ago.
Instead, we get a huge shift in focus. I thought this volume would help towards explaining just what these past events have to do with the present. Bits and pieces are falling into place, but there are no solid answers yet.

On the more positive side of things, I did find myself getting quite wrapped up in the mystery of A’s identity. There is some half-decent stuff when Kayo and Sakaki are seeking out answers – most notably when Sakaki does a little investigation of her own into a certain detective.

Not so keen on the boy with a crush on Kayo. It reeks of the same spectacular failure of that one boy who crushed on Aya towards the beginning of Magical Girl Site – something that was ultimately so pointless that he didn’t even get into the anime adaptation.

Anyone picking up the tenth volume of Magical Girl Site hoping for Aya’s story to be continued will be disappointed (I’m assuming it will continue at some point, but I’ll wait until the next volumes of manga are printed to see if I’m right).
However, the mystery presented here is fairly interesting, and the connections to the present are steadily starting to reveal themselves.

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