Thoughts on Konohana Kitan Volume 6

I would say that it is once again time to step into Konohanatei, but the sixth volume actually picks up from where the previous one left off with Yuzu back at her home. She has a difficult question to answer.
Things do return to Konohanatei after that, though we also get a visit to Natsume’s home, too.

Konohana Kitan Volume 6.jpg

Front cover of the sixth volume of Konohana Kitan, featuring Satsuki and Yuzu

Taking a break from her duties at Konohanatei, Yuzu returns home to visit her guardian, Bikuni. While there, she struggles with her own doubts…
Is she really needed at Konohanatei? She’s still relatively new and a little clumsy at her job, and the other fox girls at the inn can surely take care of everything without her, right? While searching for the right path to take – whether she should go back to Konohanatei or stay with Bikuni, after all – Yuzu learns an important lesson from a lost doll.
Years ago, Bikuni asked Yuzu a difficult question: “if many people were drowning in a river, who would you save first?” Now, Yuzu finally thinks she can give her answer with confidence.

Whew, that’s quite a lengthy blurb on the back of the sixth volume, and it only covers a single chapter. What ultimately comes out of it is we get to see how Yuzu has grown due to her time at Konohanatei, after a little push from a lost doll.

The fanservice also ramps up considerably in this volume, with the foxes from the shrine (including Satsuki’s sister, Hiiragi) stopping by Konohanatei and getting some quality bath time in. This brings with it a more comedic tone, particularly with Botan’s efforts to get Ayame to punish her.

Though the blurb goes on at great length about Yuzu’s answer to that particular question, I’d say the main event of this particular volume is its final chapter. Before that, though, we get a neat little side journey with Yuzu and Sakura trying out some glassblowing. That is capped off with a nice little Yuzu x Satsuki moment.

Natsume returns home, and she brings Ren along with her. That means Ren gets to meet Natsume’s parents for the first time. She’s shocked to discover just who Natsume’s mother is.
We are also introduced to Natsume’s extended family: her two nephews and niece. Natsume’s niece, Karin, in particular is a very noteworthy character. She is very attached to Natsume – there is even jealousy towards Ren.
What it comes down to, though, is Ren helping Karin sort out her feelings.

Konohana Kitan continues to be an absolutely wonderful read. Sakuya Amano seems to really know how to create a charming series, which manages to balance both funny and serious moments.

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