Thoughts on New Game! Volume 5

The fifth volume of Shotaro Tokuno’s New Game! manga steps away from Eagle Jump for a while, and instead takes us back to Aoba’s school days.

New Game! Volume 5

Front cover of the fifth volume of New Game!, featuring Nene Sakura, Aoba Suzukaze and Hotaru Hoshikawa

The main focus in this volume of the manga is on Aoba and Nene, but also playing key roles are Hotaru Hoshikawa (who we have met before) and Chinatsu Hidaka – the advisor of the Art Club.

We step away from the normal office stories that New Game! delivers, and we pretty much go on full on girls’ club. The events covered here all helped to shape Aoba, Nene and Hotaru’s futures, though, and Shotaro Tokuno’s humour is still fully intact as well.

A key thread throughout is the girls’ futures; it is something that all three give some serious consideration. Aoba knows what she wants from the start, but she isn’t entirely sure whether she should pursue that path or not. Fortunately, Nene, Hotaru and Chinatsu are all there to provide her with the support she needs.

In terms of characters, Aoba and Nene are exactly as you would come to expect from reading the previous volumes of the manga. Hotaru being a key figure in Aoba’s school days means she gets a lot more presence, and thus we get a better idea about what type of person she is.
Then we have Chinatsu Hidaka, who is a character that we haven’t met yet. The advisor of the Art Club, and just as fun as any other given character from New Game!.

New Game!‘s fifth volume may take us away from Eagle Jump, but it still provides an enjoyable read. It also provides a little more insight into Aoba, Nene and Hotaru, as well, and shows just what they had to go through to get to where they are in the present.
A break from the usual antics of the Eagle Jump office, but still a fun read.

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