Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 5: The Past

Time for Abilities Average to take on a more dramatic tone as we take a look into Reina’s past. It’s not just Reina’s past, though; we’ll be seeing the past of all four members of the Crimson Vow.

Reina's past

Reina’s past is not a happy one

In this episode of Abilities Average, the Crimson Vow take the opportunity to get to know each other by sharing their pasts. Effectively an episode that shows how each member came to be where they are right now.

August & Reina

Reina learns magic from August

First up in our series of flashbacks is Reina, who experienced two separate tragic events that shaped her into the person she is now. This episode gives us an explanation as to why she chose a quest protecting merchants previously, as well as why she thinks the way she does.

Mavis & Reina

Mavis’ reaction to hearing Reina’s story

As tragic as Reina’s story may be, the rest of the Crimson Vow’s reactions to it are pretty amusing. As mentioned earlier, it is not just Reina who shares her past.

Young Pauline

Even as a young girl, Pauline shouldn’t be underestimated

Pauline had some pretty tragic circumstances herself, though it seems that her story does help to give Reina some perspective.

Mavis' past

Mavis ran away from home to pursue her dream of becoming a knight

Mavis’s past is somewhat different when compared to Reina and Pauline, in that she ran away from home. There’s not much else to it, and Mavis is totally aware of that. Of course, with three members of the Crimson Vow divulging their pasts, it is soon Mile’s turn.

Adele & The Wonder Trio

Adele and the Wonder Trio

Mile’s flashback is effectively an abridged retelling of chapters one through five of the light novel. This is when Mile went by the name Adele, and details her meeting with Marcelea, Aureana and Monika – three girls who would come to be known as the Wonder Trio.
I knew that the Abilities Average anime was going to show us this at some point, and I’m honestly glad we got an abridged version of it. I’m sure there are light novel readers out there who are disappointed that the first five chapters have been crammed into half an episode. For me, though, the light novels really picked up with the introduction of The Crimson Vow, so I don’t mind this approach at all.
Also, I’m going to go ahead and guess that it will be worth remembering Marcela, Aureana and Monika.

Goddess Adele

“Goddess’s Vessel” Adele

Mile’s flashback ends with the event that caused her to abandon the name Adele, and seek out an ordinary life as a hunter.
In these first few episodes, we have been jumping about quite a bit when it comes to the order of events. With this episode done, I suspect things are going to become more linear; and we can once again focus on the Crimson Vow just getting by as hunters.

This episode does its job of filling viewers in on some key events from each characters’ past, and it is probably safe to say that they have all grown closer as a result. Something of a darker episode this time around (so much so that it foregoes the usual opening credits).
At the same time, this episode does feel like something of a detour. A necessary one, perhaps. Either way, next time the Crimson Vow can get back to their adventuring, and I imagine the tone will lighten up, too.

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