Chidori RSC Episode 4: Teaching the Teacher

Once again it is time to check up on Chidori High School’s Rifle Shooting Club, as they have a day off. That is followed by them discovering that they are not quite ready to compete in qualifiers, as they are missing one thing.


Hikari knows exactly how she wants to spend a warm Sunday

This episode of Chidori RSC starts by taking a look at what each member of the Rifle Shooting Club does on their day off, follows up with a couple of Hikaru’s friends sitting in on the club and finally finishes with the introduction of a new advisor for the Club.


Yukio goes on an impromptu journey

The first segment is split between each of the four members of the Rifle Shooting Club, quite simply showing each one’s approach to their day off. They are all pretty amusing in their own right, but I feel that Hikari probably has the best approach.

Akira & Erika

Erika ends up spending her day off with Akira

Whilst I may think that Hikari has the best approach, it was Yukio and Izumi who I found most amusing. There’s a little more to Yukio’s segment from this part, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Hikari & Izumi

This moment amused me a lot

Izumi wastes absolutely no time when Hikari invites her out, huh? Naturally the two end up hanging out together, with Hikari even joining Izumi for dinner at her place.

Tanned Yukio

Here’s the pay off of Yukio’s impromptu journey

The next part of this episode makes it seem like the Rifle Shooting Club has two prospective new members joining them. Turns out that’s not quite the case, though.

Hikari's friends

Hikari’s friends sit in on the Rifle Shooting Club

The part with Hikari’s friends popping in on the Rifle Shooting Club is a fairly fun segment. That’s about all there is to it, though; the Rifle Shooting Club isn’t about to get any bigger.
Actually, that’s a lie. The main point of this episode is the Rifle Shooting Club needing an advisor to compete in qualifiers. Conveniently, there happens to be one teacher who is not yet an advisor of a club.

Yuuko Tsurumaki

Yuuko Tsurumaki

It is pretty obvious where this one goes, so I won’t recap that chain of events. Instead, I’ll focus on Yuuko’s introduction into Chidori RSC, and it is a good one. She may be an introvert, but that doesn’t stop her from leaving a pretty good first impression.

Yuuko's poster

Yuuko’s poster for the Rifle Shooting Club

Yuuko is an anime fan who hoards merchandise. I guess I’ll admit to being somewhat guilty of that kind of thing as well, and I guess that plays a part in why I like Yuuko.


Yuuko knows what she likes

This episode is capped off with the Rifle Shooting Club stopping by Yuuko’s place. After all, she knows next to nothing when it comes to Rifle Shooting, so Hikari and the others intend to teach her a bit. Yuuko’s hoarding habit stands in the way of that at first, though…

There is also a scene after the end credits, so keep an eye out for that.

Overall, a really fun episode. Seeing the how the girls spend their day off was some pretty entertaining, as too was Hikari’s friends dropping by the Club. Yuuko Tsurumaki stole the show for this episode, though.
The new advisor for the Rifle Shooting Club is an excellent addition to an already fun cast of characters. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of Yuuko in future episodes. That applies to Hikari, Izumi, Erika and Yukio, too, of course.

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1 Response to Chidori RSC Episode 4: Teaching the Teacher

  1. OG-Man says:

    One of the best parts was, as usual, how lovey-dovey Hikari and Izumi were.

    Yukio getting sunburn was funny. Tanned Yukio is cute.

    Like you said, Miss Yuuko stole the show this episode.

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