Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 4: Escort Mission

In the fourth episode of Abilities Average, the Crimson Vow finally embark on their first quests, and we learn a little more about Reina’s past.


Don’t make Lenny angry

The Crimson Vow take on their first jobs as C rank hunters in this episode. Their first one is to hunt some rock lizards, and that is followed up by a mission to escort some merchants and keep them safe from bandits.


“Moe, moe, kyun~!”

This episode of Abilities Average adapts a few chapters from the light novels. More specifically, we get the part of chapter 13 “Pushing the Limits” that wasn’t adapted before (fighting the rock lizard) as well as chapter 14 “The Client”, chapter 15 “Escort Mission”, chapter 16 “The Past” and chapter 17 “The Fight”. Obviously not each chapter has been adapted in its entirety, but I’ll get to that point in due course.

Mavis attacks a rock lizard

Mavis attacks a rock lizard

First up, we have the Crimson Vow hunting rock lizards. They actually struggled against the creature a lot more in the light novel, with Mile even seemingly taking a nasty blow from the lizard’s tail. The anime effectively presents an abridged telling of the rock lizard hunting mission, but ultimately in both versions the outcome is the same.


Pauline is someone who should never be underestimated

The events with the Crimson Vow delivering the rock lizard to the client plays out more or less the same in both the light novel and anime; whatever version of the story, one thing is clear: Pauline is scary.

Slingshot Mile

Mile uses a slingshot

Several times throughout this episode, Mile can be seen using a slingshot. What the anime hasn’t explained (at least not yet) is that she is using magic to enhance the projectiles. Once again, proof that the anime adaptation is taking cues from the light novels, even if it is telling the story differently.

The Crimson Vow ready for action

The Crimson Vow ready for action (with a change of clothes, too)

In both the light novels and anime, the Crimson Vow do go out on an escort mission knowing that they’ll have to fight human opponents for the first time. In the light novel, however, there are other hunters joining them. That’s not the case for the anime, which means plenty more spotlight for the Crimson Vow.
Oh, and the clothes that Mile and the others change into… well, I suspect the anime will divulge where they came from in a future episode, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Excited Mile

Mile is a little too enthusiastic about her enemy’s secret weapon

The fight against the bandits goes down an anime only route, particularly when it comes to the enemy’s secret weapon. What is carried over from the light novel, though, is Reina’s past, though the circumstances in which it is revealed is slightly different.

Reina's past

A glimpse of Reina’s past

This episode ends with Reina asking the other girls of the Crimson Vow a question. Presumably the topic of Reina’s past will be more thoroughly explored in the next episode.

Yet another enjoyable episode of Abilities Average. Pauline and Reina stood out most in this particular episode, for quite different reasons. Part of what makes Abilities Average so enjoyable is the main cast of characters, their personalities and their chemistry with each other.
The supporting cast has some great moments, too, particularly Lenny. She’s just a fun character, particularly with her business sense despite being so young.
I particularly enjoy nobody questioning Mile’s “family secret technique” whenever she does something above average; seems like the other three have been with Mile long enough to just take it in stride now.

Four episodes in, and the anime adaptation has cut out quite large chunks of the things I was not so keen on in the light novels. Admittedly there have also been things cut that I would have liked to see animated as well, but ultimately I am having a great time watching Abilities Average.

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1 Response to Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 4: Escort Mission

  1. OG-Man says:

    Bless Pauline.

    Mile going otaku over stuff is wonderful.

    There was bound to be drama at some point. Interested in seeing how Reina’s “I killed someone before” dilemma will be handled.

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