Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 38: Beauty of Flowers Underfoot

Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure gets its plot back on course with episode thirty-eight, as Yuni has an idea about where they can go in the search for Twinkle Imagination.

Madoka, Lala, Hiakru, Yuni, Elena, Puruns & Fuwa

Hikaru and company arrive on a fortune-telling planet

With zero leads in their search for Twinkle Imagination, Yuni suggests they pay a visit to a fortune teller on another planet in hopes of being sent down the right path. Yuni also crosses paths with Ayewan once more.

Meeting Hakenyan

Hakenyan appears

One of the major characters in this episode is Hakenyan, a blind old fortune teller and the person that Yuni believes will lead PreCure towards Twinkle Imagination. Hakenyan looks familiar, and this episode shows just why that is later on.

No Fuwa!

Excellent expressions here



Also playing an important role in this episode is Ayewan. We get a little of her past in this episode, and it shows she was homeless as a child – though we don’t get the specifics of how that came about. Either way, seeing Hakenyan does not make her happy.

Yuni & Hakenyan

Yuni sought out Hakenyan after losing her planet

This episode spends quite a fair chunk of time exploring the past, which is by no means a bad thing. It gives us some insight into both Yuni and Ayewan, and how they both feel that they lost everything at the hands of the other. It also shows that Yuni’s appearance as Bakenyan was based on the younger Hakenyan, and how she ended up working with Ayewan.

Eyewon Robo Mk. 23

Eyewon Robo Mk. 23

Of course Ayewan is the villain of the week this time around, and Cure Cosmo has to take her on by herself to begin with. Whilst I would have liked to see a one-on-one fight, that wasn’t the case. Much easier to fill the runtime when you’re using quite a bit of stock footage, after all.

Yuni's Twinkle Imagination

Cure Cosmo has an epiphany whilst fighting Ayewan

The fight in this episode brings along some rather important developments, particularly when it comes to Yuni and Ayewan’s relationship. It also happens to be a step forward for PreCure as well.

Overall, I’d call this an excellent episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure. We delved a bit into the past of both Yuni and Ayewan, finally had them realise they aren’t so different and managed to take a step forward in the search for Twinkle Imagination.
I was always going to enjoy a Yuni-focused episode regardless, but I’m really happy with what we got out of this one.
Ideally the show can keep up this kind of strength as the other girls find their Twinkle Imagination – and it is entirely possible that Elena may be the next to do so.
Even if that’s not the case, the next episode is one that focuses on her, so it is one to look forward to.

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