Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 3: The Crimson Vow

Seems like the reaction to Abilities Average has been mixed so far. Generally the people who have read the light novels don’t seem to be enjoying the anime adaptation, whilst those going in blind are having more fun with it.
I fall into the category of someone who has read the light novels and is enjoying the anime adaptation as well – I know there are a few of us out there. The anime has been taking cues from the light novels, but ultimately it is its own continuity.
Kind of drifting off topic with that, so let me steer this post back towards reviewing the third episode of Abilities Average.

Mile's stories

Mile gets her companions hooked on her stories

This episode of Abilities Average adapts chapter nine from the light novels, “The Crimson Vow”. After six months at the Hunters’ Prep School, Mile and friends have one last challenge before they can graduate: a mock battle with B rank hunters. Not just any hunters, either, but some rather familiar faces.

Mile, Reina, Pauline and Mavis

Mile is not as eager as her friends to fight B rank hunters

Unlike the previous episode, this one only adapts one chapter, so there isn’t much jumping around and it makes it much easier for me to find the corresponding chapter in the light novel.
For the most part, events play out very similarly to the light novel, with some changes. First and foremost, the character of the Veil has been adapted out entirely. As a light novel reader, I feel that is no big loss.


Yep, that about sums up my feelings towards Arledy as well

The reason for the mock battle is to help boost the reputation of the Hunters’ School, which is exactly how it goes in the light novels. However, the anime changes things up so Arledy is the one who would be responsible for closing down the school.

Godspeed Blade

Mavis demonstrates her Godspeed Blade

The order in which Mile’s companions participate in their mock battles get shifted around a bit, but the outcomes are still somewhat the same. Mavis, Pauline and Reina all get to demonstrate just how much they have improved after training under Mile for six months.


Making Pauline mad is a very bad idea

I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get the entirety of Pauline’s fight adapted from the light novel – there’s a lot more going on in the way of broken bones and attack magic on top of what the anime showed. Still, in either version, it is made very clear: you do not insult Pauline’s friends whatsoever.


Reina may specialise in fire magic, but she has picked some ice magic as well

There’s not much difference in the way Reina’s fight plays out between the light novel and anime, so there isn’t a whole to to say there. One key point that I haven’t mentioned, though, is that in the light novels, Mile and company fight against hunters from a group called the Roaring Mithrils. Here, in the anime, they fight the kidnappers from the first episode.


Arledy is Mile’s opponent

Mile fights the leader of the Roaring Mithrils in the light novels. The anime has changed that so instead she faces Arledy in combat. Kind of a shame, because I think the fight from the light novel would have looked great animated. Her bout versus Arledy does do a fairly decent job, I suppose.

Mile vs Arledy

Mile vs. Arledy

I’m sure you can already guess how Mile’s fight against Arledy plays out – again, tossing out insults proves to be a very bad idea. Let’s just say that Mile’s plan to live an average life keeps moving further and further out of reach.


This is Gren, by the way: the leader of the Roaring Mithrils, and the person Mile fought in the light novel. He’s an A rank hunter.

Crimson Vow

The Crimson Vow

After the mock battle, Mile’s party finally gets to introduce themselves. They are the Crimson Vow, and their introduction even includes poses and coloured smoke.

Merchant Pauline

If the Crimson Vow don’t get their own Nendoroids, I’m going to be disappointed

There may have been some stuff changed from the light novel that I was a little disappointed about, but ultimately this was a really good episode of Abilities Average. Presumably we’re done with Arledy now, which means we can get even greater focus on Crimson Vow’s future endeavours. There’s a lot of fun stuff in the light novels, and I’m eagerly anticipating seeing it in anime form.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Goodbye Mile’s Honeys, hello Crimson Vow. Good stuff once more!

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