Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 37: Mihoshi Stars

We are now deep into the month of October, and that means it is almost time for Halloween – so of course, episode thirty-seven of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is the Halloween episode.


Lala looking forward to the dress up contest

In this episode, Lala gets hold of a leaflet from the shopping district with information about a dress up contest for Halloween. Her whole class decides to enter the competition. They aren’t the only ones, as some familiar faces join the fun, including Kappard. Not that Kappard intended to get involved…

Team Cryptid

Hikaru, Lala, Himenojou and some other characters, dressed up for the contest

As you can imagine, there are plenty of costumes to be seen in this episode. Hikaru’s class goes for a cryptid theme.

Amamiya family

The Amamiya family, looking very flowery

Three Cats

Elena, Madoka and Yuni are the Three Cats

Apparently Elena gets to wear two different costumes, but I’m fine with that. Amusingly, Yuni simply opts to use her true form. Kind of a shame when she is (almost) a master of disguise. I like the sun and moon on Elena and Madoka’s respective collars; it’s a neat little touch.

Selfie with Kappard

Kappard proves to be surprisingly popular

Kappard gets to do a bit more than the usual antagonist role in this episode, starting with taking photos with all the people dressed up. Naturally, they think he is in a costume as well, and we also get some glimpses into Kappard’s past.


Kappard attacks

Of course, Kappard is still a villain, so when Hikaru and the others come across them a fight ensues. Thing is, PreCure need to do something to prevent Earthlings learning about the aliens in their midst. Fortunately, Hikaru has an idea.

Mihoshi Stars

Mihoshi Stars

The encounter with Kappard turns into a hero show, at least until they can move the fight away from civilians. We get a full on sentai-esque sequence with the Mihoshi Stars’ introductions and everything. It is some pretty amusing stuff.

Kappard flashback

A flashback featuring a young Kappard

We get a Kappard-focused flashback, showing us how he lost his planet. It also gives the audience an idea of why he firmly believes people from different planets are unable to get along. Of course, Cure Milky doesn’t believe that; her bond with her friends (Cure Star in particular) totally contradicts Kappard’s views.

Lala & Hikaru

This is actually a group photograph, but we’re focusing on the important characters here

The episode wraps up in the usual manner. It was quite a good one, and I did like learning a little more about Kappard’s past. I do wonder who was in charge of the forces that drained Kappard’s home planet of water; was it Darknest, or some other evil force?
I could totally see Kappard turning on Darknest in the future, perhaps aiding the Cures when they inevitably come to fight him.
Lala got a fair bit of focus in this episode, but ultimately, I’d say that this was very much Kappard’s episode. It’s nice to get to know our villains a little more.

Next time, looks like the plot gets back on track with an episode that focuses on Yuni as the search for Twinkle Imagination resumes once more. Ayewan will be back, too.

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